TV Couples My #1 Moment For Each Couple I Am A Fan Of, Your Favourite?

Pick one:
if anything happened to you, i would... {abby/mcgee♥}
but you're not just another number to me! {barney/robin♥}
i came across the world to be with you. i love u {callie/arizona♥}
u don't back down, that's what makes u extraordinary {castle/beckett♥}
without u i'm nobody, i'm nothing but a spy {chuck/sarah♥}
i'm gonna be with u every step of the way {deeks/kensi♥}
thanks for not hanging up the phone {hardison/parker♥}
u fixed her, u saved her {jack/kate♥}
i was really worried something had happened to you, okay? {jess/nick♥}
once upon a time, i would've asked u to stay {jenny/gibbs♥}
wow // that's what they all say {kate/gibbs♥}
i'm not going anywhere {max/logan♥}
you're my one in five billion {mulder/scully♥}
i find myself thinking about you. it's not going to stop {niles/daphne♥}
i never needed a sign to tell me where my hart-, hart lies {piper/leo♥}
i've seen what the two of us together looks like and its beautiful {peter/olivia}
you're just gonna have to deal with the fact that i love her okay? {shawn/juliet}
it stopped october 1st. the dag we met {sydney/vaughn♥}
if i could drag her back, i'd do it in a heartbeat {tony/ziva♥}
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