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Makeupdiva zei …
I like the new Banner and icon. geplaatst een jaar geleden
unicornsrreal zei …
Is it just me that finds Elena Gilbert really annoying? I can`t stand her. I mean she's ok sometimes but in general I really dislike her geplaatst een jaar geleden
Nicolas97 commentaar gegeven…
Oh God I so agree with you!!! :P een jaar geleden
Makeupdiva commentaar gegeven…
I don't mind her, except I don't like that she dated Damon as she had been in a relationship with his younger brother. It just seems wrong to me. I mean, I know I would feel upset and betrayed if my sister dated one of my exes. een jaar geleden
xoheartinohioxo commentaar gegeven…
Hahaha omg, i just stumbled across this post! I think we played this off pretty well. een jaar geleden
opaquemystique zei …
Anyone want to participate in an icoon content I've started recently? Here's the link, if you're interested:
link geplaatst een jaar geleden