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What's your top, boven 10 lijst for scenes there should def. be in New Moon the movie?

I agree with all of these!! But don't forget when bells runs across the square in volterra and slams into edwardand he's like Amazing... That little scene is awesome! And camt wait to see Dakota Fanning as Jane cuz she's awesome!
twilightGGlost posted een jaar geleden
I meant bella oops
twilightGGlost posted een jaar geleden
these are just favs some r sad but i still want 2 c them: 1. Edward leves
Karlene posted een jaar geleden
these are just favs some r sad but i still want 2 c them these rnt in order: 1. Edward leves 2. alice and charlie talk 3. motorcycle 4. cliff diving 5. voices 6. vote 7. wolves 8. Bellas partay 9. at the end in volterra 10. talk w/ volturi
Karlene posted een jaar geleden
 keepie posted een jaar geleden
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OTHPrettyGirl said:
These are my top, boven ten (But i haven't put them in order)

.When edward leaves (its sad i no but i want to see how well they do it)
.I would like to see how they do the wolves
.The part where Alice comes back and then talks to charlie
.When Bella jumps of a cliff (obv)
.The motocycle thing
.All the times that Bella hears Edwards voice
.The big reunion at the end (yay!)
.When bella refuses to sleep on the way home pagina which then leads later on to the vote scene
.The alice and her yellow porce bit and when alice tells jasper not to come
and erm
. Bellas birthday party (again sad but i want to see how it works out )

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posted een jaar geleden 
good answer
KEWLIO posted een jaar geleden
Yoss said:
I think the major parts/scenes (like Edward leaving of Bella jumping off a cliff) would definitely be included in the movie so I'm hoping to see the minor details/scenes that caught my attention in the book.

1. Alice and Bella's bickering before class over Bella's party and birthday presents.

2. Bella getting worried of Edward's "attitude" toward her after the disastrous party.

3. I really would like to see Bella saying "He's gone." over and over again as Sam Uley carries her.

5. Bella searching for Edward's pictures, gifts etc. and finding out that they were gone (they were hidden)

4. Bella clawing out her car stereo (the gift from the Cullens. I think this would make me baw)

5. October, November, December,January

6. Jacob and Bella talking (while waiting for Mike Newton) and Jacob's asks "You like me right?" of something like that.

7. Bella's visit to the empty Cullen Mansion

8. Alice asking Charlie about what really happened to Bella when they left, while Bella was pretending to sleep.

9. Jacob begging Bella not to go. Bella sees a torn shoe

*** Should be ten but ended up with only nine. Can't think of anything else. Sorry :)
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posted een jaar geleden 
sweet_twilight said:
Well I tried to think of the important parts that had to be in there. But some of them are my personal ones that I loved. Also this isnt much in order.

- Edward leaving Bella (that has to be there - and I know it will be sad. But I really want to see it)
- When Bella wakes up after the flight from Italy and Edward is there (Basically the moon speech - I love that part)
- Charlie explaining Bella's depression (I personally loved this part too because u see the pain she was really in)
- Cliff Diving (that needs to be there since it's the turning point of the story)
- Italy and the Volutri (also needs to be there - introduction of the Volutri and E&B reunite)
- The wolf Pack (I really want to see how they transform from human to wolf)
- Movie Theatre (Jacob's turning point to a wolf)
- The Vote (Lead up to Eclipse and her mortality)
- Party Scene (Lead up to Edward leaving)
- The Meadow (also important)
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posted een jaar geleden 
kelseyrox97 said:
- alice steals a porcshe
-cliff diving
-moter cycles
-bellas b-day partay
- bella in the forest door herself
-jake exploding into a wolf
- jake and bells working in jakes garage
- the night when they cum home pagina from italy
- bella punching jake in the face after he kisses her! (DEFINETLEY!)
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posted een jaar geleden 
I think it was eclipse when jake kissed her and she punched him :)
OTHPrettyGirl posted een jaar geleden
it was? oh crap. i thought it was in new moon
kelseyrox97 posted een jaar geleden
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