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I wanna hear the songs u would put on the Twilight Saga's movies. So make a list! It could be for one of the boeken of all of them. And as many songs as u like!

 Daaavs posted een jaar geleden
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bella585 said:
new moon
1:time of dying (3 days grace)
2:my life would suck without u (Kelly Clarkson)
3:leave out all the rest (linkin park)
4:my immortal (Evanesence)
5:can't have u (jonas brothers)
6:beutiful disaster (kely clarkson)
7:i caught myself (paramone.when they were in the plane and she didn't want to say smt have read the book probably)
1:you found me (kelly clarkson)
2:decode (paramone)
i know that they may be few but they are perfect for these movies
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posted een jaar geleden 
ally0128 said:

1. Broken(Lifehouse)
2. When it rains (Paramore)
3. Make this go on forever( Snow Patrol)
5. from where u are (lifehouse)
6. Dare u to verplaats ( Switchfoot)
7.look after u ( the frey)
8.Falling away with u (muse)
9.iris (goo goo dolls)
10. my sacrifice ( Creed)
11. one last breath ( creed)
12.with arms wide open(creed) far away (staind)

these are all the songs that i belive should be part of the twilight saga soundtrack. what do u think leave an opinon? plz.

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posted een jaar geleden 
kat_hale said:
1.Delta Gooodrem- Lost without you
2. Etta James-At last
3.Savage Garden-I knew I love you
5.Nickelback-Far Away
6.Rascal Flatts-What hurts the most
7.Nikii Haris-The one
8.Dido-Here with me
9.Muse-Sing for absolution
11.Saliva-Rest in Pieces
12.Dead Cab for Cutie-I will follow you
13.Blue October-Hate me
14.Blue Foundation-Eyes on fire
16.Evanescence-Away from me
and a few more...but these are the ones I always listen to when I think, read,watch of breath Twilight, and they always remind me to if I don`t LOL
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posted een jaar geleden 
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