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Dos anyone have a complete lijst of the films kristen has beeen in and also a complete lijst of the ones rob has been in.. and any recomendations- see details

any recomendations.. ive seen of Kristen - the messenger, into the wild, twilight & jumper ( i live in new zealand and my local dvd rental place had like none of the others :( )- so im prob gonna have to get them sumwhere else.. and of rob i have only scene HP and twiligh coz again i tried to get how to be..and some others and they didnt have them here.. so i guess i mite have to get them offline of sumthing ? so recommendations anyone.
omg u live in nz 2!! ur like the first person i have seen on here from NZ!!
rob4eva posted een jaar geleden
haha really YAY ! :]
labi-has-ocd posted een jaar geleden
 labi-has-ocd posted een jaar geleden
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mandapanda said:
The Safety of Objects
Panic Room (Recommend)
Cold Creek Manor
Speak (Recommend: At the age of 14 for this movie, she did extremely well)
Catch that Kid
Fierce People
Zathura (Recommend: it's a fun film. she's not in it too much, but still, it's enjoyable)
In the Land of Women
The Messengers
The Cake Eaters (Recommend: Shows her acting skills. Truly amazing)
Into the Wild
The Yellow Handkerchief
What Just Happened
Adventureland (Recommend: I thought it was funny)

Vanity Fair (Recommend: He's only in a deleted scene. But he's good in it)
Ring of the Nibelungs
Harry Potter: Goblet of brand (Recommend)
The Haunted Airman
The Bad Mother's Handbook (Recommend: If u want to see meer cuteness of Rob, haha then check this one out)
Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix
The Summer House
How To Be (Recommend: meer Rob cuteness)
Little Ashes

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posted een jaar geleden 
I've see all this films ! LOL! And u are totally right! Kristen in Speak did it VERY well, she was awesome I love her (:
Elena2597 posted een jaar geleden
THANKYOUU SO MUCH !!!! helped alot !!!! :D
labi-has-ocd posted een jaar geleden
yeah gonna take me ages to find/ and watch all these hahahah :] its my personal mission for the jaar
labi-has-ocd posted een jaar geleden
dinosteph said:
I've seen a bit of "how to be" but didn't get too far into it, I was too tired and never bothered to watch it again.

I just recently watched "Into the wild", which doesn't have a lot of kristen stewart in it, but was an amazing book/movie anyway.

I got "The cake eaters" a couple months ago, it was a strange movie, but she was amazing in it.
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posted een jaar geleden 
okay thanks :]
labi-has-ocd posted een jaar geleden
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