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Does rob really sing?

 Twilightpup posted een jaar geleden
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mandapanda said:
yeah. he sang two songs for the Twilight Soundtrack. The director, Catherine Hardwicke, snuck in the songs. haha But he agreed that they fit into the mood of the scenes. They're called "Let Me Sign" and "Never Think". "Let Me Sign" was played during the ballet scene. And "Never Think" was played during the diner scene. He has other songs on youtube like:

I'll Be Your Lover Too
To Roam
Stray Dog
And a few more.

They aren't professionally recorded. Someone recorded them while he was singing them, either at local pubs of open mikes.

I personally love his music. He's very soulful and sincere. He reaches within himself and brings raw passion to the songs. They're very very soulful and that's why i like it :)
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posted een jaar geleden 
I luv this!!!
rob4eva posted een jaar geleden
have not heard i t yet ut im on my waay
twiliholic17 posted een jaar geleden
lol my mum thinks he sounds like a dying animal, i mean his gorgous and everything but like twiliholic zei he should just stick to acting
xoxinkheartxox posted een jaar geleden
scogburn said:
Yeah and he plays the piano and guitar. I hope he does not get fed up with all the fan frenzy surrounding his acting and decide to go home pagina (Britain) and only record music. would miss him so much.
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posted een jaar geleden 
123hihihi said:
ya he sing but he sounds like dying animal
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posted een jaar geleden 
AdaLove said:
Yes,he is singin a bit!I have the CD of Twilight muziek and when i heard him singin it was so touchin..omg i was crying
some of his songs are :*I'll Be Your Lover Too
*Stay Dog
*Let me sing

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posted een jaar geleden 
New_Moon_Master said:
As Mandapanda said, he has two songs on in the Twilght movie.
I have the lyrics to 'Never think'.
At one point he was quoted as saying "Music is my backup plan if acting fails."
Well that didn't happen, and it ALSO help him get his muziek out there.
Lucky, stupid, talented, jerk, plus he gets to makeout with a hot actress.
On the other hand, he can't even leave his house without being attacked.
Hahahaha, just kidding.

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posted een jaar geleden 
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