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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
[A New Story From the auteur of HELLO, MY NAME IS: DEATH Series - BuffyFaithfan1]
Chapter Two: On Dry Land
Jessika lay in her bed and she was watching the season premiere of RINGER featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar when, just as it cut to commercial, a knock came to her door.
"Yes?" Jessika asked and her mom stepped into the room.
"Jess. Listen," She began and Jessika paused the TV with her DVR remote. "I know this is hard. But please, please, just go with this for us?"
Jessika sighed. She knew her mom looked out for her and only did what was best for her but she just couldn't get the thought of what happened three years ago. She bit her lip, trying to force the thought of her head.
Jessika could hear the yelling, she could see the moon bounce off the silver, but yet she couldn't stop it. She saw them both, standing so close and yet so far apart. She jumped up the stairs and...
"Jessika?" Jessika's mom's voice broke through her memory and Jessika blinked it away quickly.
"Yeah?" Jessika asked and her mom smiled at her.
"I want u to start packing. I gotta' leave in one week but u will be heading to your cousins' in two weeks. Your dad will take u to the airport. If you'd like, u can take a friend. I don't mind. Just make sure their parents don't mind either. Tell me who's going if someone is following you. I'm gonna' go shower." With this she kissed her daughter on the top, boven of her head and left the room, swinging the door shut behind her.
Jessika sighed.
She knew there was no way around this. She would have to go back to that house, no matter what she did. She sighed and pressed PLAY on the remote. The commercials started and she hit the RECORD button and then turned off the TV and threw the buttons to the ground.
But even in the silence the memory remained. And six words stuck out of the whole entire memory.
It Was You! u Did It!
_______________[]TO BE CONTINUED...[]
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