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It was almost 10 years geleden that Stephenie Meyer had a dream about a boy and a girl who fall in love.But this wasn't your normal,boy and girl meet and fall in love story,because the boy in the story was a vampire.She had a dream about them in a meadow and they were talking,and that was how the world of Twilight was created.At the encouragement of one of her sisters,she started writing the story of the boy and girl in the meadow,who became known as Edward Cullen and Isabella zwaan-, zwaan and took it to some publishing companies.Little Brown boeken took an interest in the boeken and a phenomenon was created and published.Before long,people fell in love with the boeken and with Edward and Bella,and all the other Twilight characters.When Summit Entertainment decided to make the boeken into movies,fans became excited and soon the casting begun.Summit Entertainment and all those involved in the casting process had a very daunting task ahead of them,to find the perfect Edward and Bella.So did they succeed in finding them?The answer is of course,YES!!!!!!!!!!! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart embodied and portrayed their roles beautifully,as did all of the cast.We watched Edward and Bella fall in love in Twilight,deal with loss and pain in New Moon,overcome a love triangle,a newborn army,The Volturi and the arrival of an unexpected addition, a half-human/half vampire baby,Renesmee Cullen,and their love just got stronger.It will be very sad to see it all come to an end on Nov.16,but even though it is coming to an end,Twilight will forever live on in our hearts. Stephenie,you have forever changed my life and other people's lives too door giving us Twilight.I am sure I speak for all the Twilight fans when I say we love u and thank u from the bottom of our hearts,for giving us Twilight and all it's amazing characters,who will live on in our hearts forever.
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