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renesmee's pov

i wake up i was felling better my neck was almost heal because i heal faster than normal humans

i was alone in my room but i could hear jake and noah talking outside in a low voice but i could still hear it

"look bloodsucker let me explain this to you" jake said
"hey don't call me bloodsucker and i won't call u dog ok?" noah zei
jake sigh and zei "ok look i just wanted to explain u what imprinting is "
noah interupted him
"oo i get it is like love at first sight but"
jake start talking
"no no is not like that i imprinted on renesmee since the dag she was born " jake zei paitienly
"YOU WHAT?? ugh are u sick that is just gross she was a baby for god sake" noah zei i laugh quietly
"no no agh could u shut up and let me explain god i dont know how ness can love YOU"
"I ask myself the same question" noah muttered
"Are u going to let me explain"jake ask

"sure" noah said

"imprinting is the way we find our soulmates it's meer powerful that love at first sight it is meer absolute, so when renesmee was a baby i didn't like her in any romantic way no i love her as a daughter then as a sister as a friend and now..."

noah was speechless for the fist time

"so do u see how ness and i are destine for each other, forever "jake ask noah he sounded a bit smug

noah was silent

"blood-noah "jake zei expecting an answer

"well but "noah started to talk his voice sounded depressed "if u and renesmee are for each other "he barely spoke the last words
"then why i fall in love with nessie and nessie says she loves me too huh "
"don't u think that because ness and i are the same kind well maybe that's why your imprinting didn't work"

"imprinting doesn't is that it work of didn't. it is written it cant be change renesmee is mine and i am hers maybe it is like u zei that because u are her kind that maybe confused nessie but believe me ness and i are going to end together" jake zei sure of himself

really ??he sounded so sure but the love i felt for noah i knew it wasn't just a confusion of a silly crush it was meer i remember the brand of the kiss.. no no i was not just confused

"well im going to stay here until nessie says something differnt and one meer thing,"noah zei slowly"i'll be fighting for her too i been alone all my life and i am going to fight for her twice as hard as u are"

jake sigh"you are only going to make it hard for her why don't u just understand that nessie is mine" "but it's ok i fight for her too but u are fighting something that u already lose ok "

"you wish dog and door the way in this moment she is not yours so stop with that" noah said

and opened the door of my room before jake could answer

"hi noah "i zei sleepy
"hey ness you. had a good night sleepy?? " he come closer and whipered at my ear" i miss you"
i put my hand at his cheek and zei
"me too " because i truly had miss him
he chucled and kiss my forehead he sat door my bed and took my hand.

then i saw jake come in i smile at him
he look at me "hey baby" and kiss my lips y open my eyes surprized this was the 3 kiss jake gave me in all my live.

but i realize i didn't felt the brand i felt with noah it was something differnt but also strong

noah's grip on my hand became a little harder

"hey jake"

"Jacob, billy arrived he says that u need to come down" alice yelled

Noah chucled quietly and smile smugly

jake get up and run to the door

"finally some time alone, rose is right they do reak" he smile at me
i laughed "no they dont well not to us only to vampires and u know that"
he sigh "yeah u are right so i know u hear our conversation out there so what do u think about it?" noah ask

what did i think about imprinting of on noah's fellings about me of how i was going to chose of on whether jake should say i was his i didn't knew about any of it

i look down "i dont know"

noah pick my chin up so i was looking at him
"but do u love well like me i know yesterday u zei u did love me but well please don't say it just to make me fell better tell me the truth is it true that jake is your only and truly love??"

"No Noah i don't only love jake i also love u and it is true i truly love u but i also truly love jake
im so sorry about that but it is true i i i can't decied i dont want to leave any of u "

i tear roll down my cheek
i was crying a lot this days

noah took the tear away with his lips and my skin was on brand door that simple touch

"its ok"he smile "i would stay here door your side until u want me to go away"

"so do u think that i could kiss u again ness?" he ask innocently

of course i wanted to kiss him again but that would hurt jake if i ask him

i just look at his green eyes and he started to get closer me too and then our lips met
it was the same explosion but my neck was still sore so he pull away quickly and kiss my cheek
"thank u ness "

then jake arrive
"hey noah carlisle is asking for u " he zei
"yeah right " noah snorted and was still holding my hand

and then from downstairs my grampa said
"noah can i ask u something about well your eating desicions well if u hunt hum"
"im coming " noah zei
"tell ya" jake zei smugly

be right back
ok i zei
ooo this was looking so like little kids like they couldn't be in the same room together i sighed
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