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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
I couldn't believe that their house was unlocked. It shouldn't have been, maybe I shouldn't go inside. I should go back to the Black's house. I was freaking out, I thought of everything bad that could happen. Maybe I should just be in foster care, I would be safer, have food and water, and a bed. It was raining if course. When did it not rain in Forks? I went inside and went to the pantry, it was full of food. I knew they didn't eat any of. It was creepy in this house but I had no where else to go. I scared, I was acually beyond scarred. I wanted to run back to Jake and just be door him. Everything about him was like the sun.  I already missed him so much but if I just stayed here a little bit longer, the police  will die down and I can go back after winter is over. I searched the house for any thing. There was a bed in Rose and Emmett's room but I wasn't going to sleep in there. It's just too eww ( if u know what I mean). I didn't like being here alone but what choice did I have. I we inside Alice and Jasper's room, every thing was like it was when I went passed door the room on the way to the guest room. I finially got to the room where I got to rest after my fight with the pack. I notice everything was like it was when I left. I slept in the same bed as last time. I Felt absolutely alone but I could it ignore that feeling door going to sleep and that is what I did. I stayed here a week before going out to go back to see Jake. 

I woke up the volgende morning, it was still misting outside, it had been a week which meant that I could see Jake today. I headed tithe keuken-, keuken to get something to drink and eat. I couldn't think of the last time I ate. I was straving, it looked like they stocked up on pinda boter crackers. I wonder if Alice saw me living here. I quickly ate and took of to go see the pack. I dicided to phase into my wolf from and see what was up but I heard no one. It made me feel even meer empty. I ran to Jake's house, I phased back into my human form, I went to the boom besides his bedroom. I climbed up in there and didn't see him. I went to his shed where all the tress were. I sat in one of the tress and saw Jake and everyone including Charlie. They were eating lunch, I wanted so bad to go up and stempel, punch Charlie in the mouth. I knew I knew I couldn't, he would see me and tell me not to run and of course I would resist and I would go to jail. Ugh, I hated my life. Cops were constantly ruining my life. I jumped out of the boom and went to the woods to phase. I got in the woods and phased. I howled, I was waiting for Jake to come but he didn't so I howled again. I phased back and wen back to the trees, he was still sitting there Charlie, Billy, and the pack. I didn't know if he was mad at me of not. I knew they all heard me, but I didn't understand why Jake wouldn't come when he heard me howl, but than I knew why.... Sam..... Sam of course it was Sam, of other wise Jake would have been here door now. Should I risk everything and go see Jake? My hart-, hart screamed yes while my mind told me no. I didn't know how they couldn't see me in this tree, it sat right across from their keuken-, keuken table. I saw Jake get up from the tafel, tabel and go to his room. I went to the boom door his window. I saw Quil and Embry in there. I knocked lightly on his window. I tried lifting his window but it was locked. Jake came over to the window and pulled the curtains over the window. I saw Charlie leave, I went to the door and knocked. Billy answered the door. Billy! I bent down and hugged him. Taylor what are u doing here?we thought that yo would be out of state door now. Billy said. I would never leave yall just because the cops are after me. Well it's been a week, Jake has been worried sick about you. Billy said. I know, I was letting the cops die down and Jake has been worried about me? I asked. Yeah, terriblely worried. Billy said. Really, I just saw him and he didn't look so thrilled to see me. How come he didn't come when I howled? I asked. I dot know, I thought he would. Billy said. Jake, come to the here, Taylor is back! Bily yelled. I think he was excited about me being back. I walked in after him and closed the door. He is in his bedroom, u can go in there and get him. I walked in there and zei "hey" to Embry and Quil but Jake wasn't in there. Where is Jake? I asked. He got mad and left. I sat down on the bed and burried my eyes into my hands. I was on the verge of crying. I knew he was mad at me, I didn't know what I could do to make him stop being mad at me. I'm sorry Billy. I said. It's not your fault, u had to leave in order not to get caught. Billy said. What did he do while I was gone? Was he mad at me all week? I asked. No, he was hanging out with Bella all week and he didn't seem mad. Billy said. Oh okay, well I am going to go find him and set everything straight. I said. Okay, he is going try to run, it s just what he does. Billy said. Okay, bye Billy. Bye Taylor, be careful. Billy said. I ran out of the door and quickly went to the woods. I phased as fast I could. I could her his thoughts, they weren't very nice. He was really mad at me for not telling him were I was staying. Jake, please let me explain. I asked. Get awayfrom me u spell like the bloodsuckers! u broke into their house? Jake asked ticked off. I didn't break in, it was unlocked locked! I sId. Sure, how can we trust you, you're just a crimal. Jake said. Jake... I whispered. How could u think that? I asked. The cops are after you, what are we suppose to think o u as an angel? Jake asked. No but u no I am not a crimal, u know I wouldn't hurt a fly. I said. u killed a vampire! Jake said. Jake, he was trying to kill me. Tell me u haven't killed one! I said. Just leave me alone. Jake said. Jake, I am sorry, come get me when u are ready to talk. I said. I phased and walked on trees limbs back to the Cullen house. I got their and went up stairs and curled up in the bed and cried. 

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