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posted by lollipopszx3
Torturing Felix

Emmett :: Here u go. One Gianna. Now let my games go!

Bella :: *fake cough*

Emmett :: u better not hurt my babies.

Me :: Excellent *trying to imitate Mr. Burns* Now throw her in the cage!

Emmett :: *walks over and unlocks cage* Where do u buy these cages anyways? It might come in handy for handling the mutt.

Me :: Oh no u didn't. u do not make fun of the dog! *takes out lighter*

Emmett :: That isn't a threat to me anymore.

Me :: Are u sure? *takes out bag of games*

Emmett :: No! Please not that!! Anything but that!!

Me :: Okay... I will spare your games today. Now keep patrolling.

Emmett :: *leaves*

Heidi :: I can not believe we are still here. Jane burn her and let's get out of here!

Jane :: Don't tell me what to do! *burns Heidi* I am Jane and I am better.

Aro :: Jane dear... I hope u know the point of it is to escape. Not kill each other.

Jane :: Sorry master Aro but do not vraag my ways. I want to torture Heidi before escaping!

Aro :: Whatever u wish.

Heidi :: *rolling on floor shouting*

Me :: That looks hurtful...

Jane :: Do u want to try? *staring at me, stops hurting Heidi*

Me :: *shakes head* No thanks.

Jane :: *shrugs and continues to burn Heidi*

Caius :: Jane will u please stop hurting Heidi and start hurting... this.

Marcus :: Isn't Bella protecting her?

Caius :: Your right... hallo little girl? Can I borrow u laptop for a second. I need to give u my emai just so we won't lose contact when we escape.

Me :: Oh yeah... good point. Put Alec's too. *hands laptop*

Caius :: *typing*

Bella :: *starts to get drowsy and loses shield power for a minute*

Caius :: Burn Jane Burn!!

Jane :: *burning that girl*

Caius :: Who's going to type now?

Alec :: Hand it over! *takes laptop and types*

Volturi :: *break bars and starts to run away*

ViAnne :: Oh no u don't!

Jane :: What the... Alec are u writing this?

Alec :: No... that girl took it away!

Me :: u do not talk about your future wife like that! ViAnne! Now!

ViAnne :: *takes out lighter and lights Felix's shirt*

Felix :: *girly squeal and trying to put of the fire*

ViAnne :: Hehe *lights another piece on fire*

Felix :: Ahhh!!! Stop it!!

Me :: Give me Alec first.

Felix :: Alec's not mine!!

Me :: *takes my torch and lights some meer of Felix*

ViAnne :: Are u trying to kill him?

Me :: Nope. I just want Alec. *laughs evilly*

ViAnne :: *joins my evil laughter*

Caius :: Stop your laughter! It's killing me!

ViAnne :: meer than this lighter? *shows the fire*

Caius :: Mwahahaha?

Me and ViAnne :: *smiles*

Felix :: Oh my gosh!! A vampire that will die if they're in flames is getting burnt here!

ViAnne :: Then where's your warning label?

Alec :: Huh?

ViAnne :: The warning sticker. The one that says Caution: Flammable.

Alec :: We don't have one.

ViAnne :: Well if u did we'd be meer careful. *burns Felix*

Gianna :: *throws water on Felix*

Felix :: *smoke rising and sighs in relief* Thank u so much.

Me :: Where'd u get that water?

Gianna :: Over there. *points to sign that says Bucket full of water. Throw on Alec if I accidentally get him on fire*

Me :: I should stop labelling my stuff so good.

Felix :: *grabs ViAnne and I door our shirt* u will never touch me of another Volturi member with brand EVER again. u got it??

Me and ViAnne :: *nods*

Felix :: Good. *drops us*

ViAnne :: Now what happens when we burn Gianna... *advances on Gianna*


Well say thank you. I gave u another chapter. I think I'll be updating this story meer xP

u can still be apart of the Torturing the Volturi until Alec is mine gang! Just tell me your name and your in!

This weeks special guest ;; ViAnne aka Tipsy Vixy from fanfiction. :D Sorry for small parts!

If I don't get requests your going up again ;P
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