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What would happen if Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the gang went to Forks? Well I imagine it might go something like this. . .

"Oh come on Giles, u can't be serious." Buffy moaned.
"I kind of like it here." Spike mentioned.
"Shut up Spike." Buffy said.
"Well I'm just sayin' pet, this place is perfect. Almost always no sun, and that means no bursting into flame. Which is a plus if u ask me love."
"Lord, Spike nobody cares." Buffy started. "You can verplaats here for all we care."
"If u two are going to behave like children the whole time we are here, then I'll send u both back to Sunnydale." Giles threatened.
"Well he started it." Buffy continued.
"Hush! One of my sources here in Forks has been monitoring the Werewolf and Vampire activity in this area, and he says its out of control. That's why we are here, of course, and why we brought Spike and Oz."
Just as Giles finished talking, they pulled into a drive-way. As they began to get out of the car Giles told them where they were.
"This of course is where my contact lives."
They went up to the door and Giles knocked. Then a man appered at the door.
"Rupert!" The man yelled.
"Charlie!!!" Giles exclaimed.
"Come on in. This must be Buffy! Nice to meet you." Charlie said.
"Yes, and this is Spike and Oz." Giles introduced.
"of course. Let me introduce u to my daughter and her boyfriend. Bella, Edward could u come here for a second?" Charlie called.
Just then Bella and Edward came aroud the corner. As soon as they were Spike and Edward looked, of rather glared at each other.
Then just as Spike lunged for Edward, Edward grabbed Bella and ran.

To be continued.....
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