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noah's pov

i had never feel this pain, this desperation
how could it be that i had to leave the only person i had ever love leave her to stay with the dog jacob a person that i dispise so much

but i had to i know that i had to i only had a maand with my love with renesmee

i knew that the best way was to start to get away slowly but i couldn't imagine letting go of her in my last maand with her


jake's pov

my hart-, hart froze when nessie hug the blood sucker but i feel such joy when i realize that he was going away finally !!!!

it hurt me that nessie cried so much over this but i knew she would...
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noah let go of me

then Noah and Alice zei
"ok i will go"
and then alice continue
"but u are going to give us a maand to say goodbye am not asking because i now that u are going to" alice zei flatly lifelessly

jasper's face and mine were in shook and pain

"oo of course lovely alice we will come in a maand o and alice" aro strech his hand toward alice

alice gave a little sigh of agony and touch his hand
after a while

"o wonderfull ok see u in a maand noah , alice"
aro zei and he look as a little kid in christmas

elezar jane and aro left in a flash

noah was
noah was i couldn't say it he...
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Renesmee pov

So the Volturi were coming but only aro and jane and Elezar??? they couldn't do any harm to us with mommy's power so why were they coming??
but andother vraag why elezar had kom bij them why ???
we call the denali they zei that it was elezar choice
had that volturi get to them no no alice would had seen that

Aunte alice couldn't really see why they were coming she only saw that they didn't wanted to harm us haha right

they were arriving today Noah was holding my hand and jake was door my side but in his wolf form
He was grumpy because noah could hold my hand and he couldn't... but i...
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posted by RATHBONE07
“I don’t get it. How exactly did u save me?” I asked James. He stood in front of me looking embarrassed. His eyes were red with fire, but he wasn’t angry, he was blushing(if a vampire could.)
“I just did. We were passing through, I heard you’re scream, I jumped in and took u away from the others. u were covered in blood. I couldn’t breathe when I carried you. I left u in an abandoned house a week ago. When I went back with Embelline and Laurent u were already turned, we brought u back here so u wouldn’t be terrified when u woke up. It didn’t work.” He started...
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posted by Twilight597
Chapter 2

“Lamia?” I asked slowly.

“Vampire that can age and have children.” she answered.

“Who are you? What are u really?” I asked slowly again.

“My name is Victoria, and I’m a made-vampire, there are three types of vampires in the world. Made-vampires like myself, Lamia, u and venomous vampires.” Victoria replied.

“Venomous? How can u come up with this stuff? Your sick making me drink your blood. What are you? A cannibal?” I said, and ended up with an inhumanly slaan, smack on my face. I will never believe this bitch.

She walked back up the stairs as I fell unconscious from...
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posted by Gabstaaa
Thankyou so much to soo many people. u have really helped. i know its not much but its going to gett interesting at the school ;) romance for Harley. Danger. Immortality. Unexpected visits. Death. Cantt wait ot write it!

‘School? Harley? Are u sure? There’s no rush atall. It’s pretty easy actually. Our brains can handle a lot meer information than an average humans can. I could teach u much meer than they do there.’ He just doesn’t get it does he?
‘Carlisle. I want the experience. I want to meet people and talk to someone other than a vampire. I mean, I love u all… it’s...
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posted by Rob_patt_fan
He got ready in a seconde and we were at my house's door. We got in his Volvo and he started driving with a crazy speed he always drove.

-Can u please drive slower?!

He chuckled and increased his speed.

-I zei slower... not faster!

Once he saw my red face he decreased his speed and that was the moment I felt relaxed.

-Why are u angry today, love?

I turned my head to the window and preferred to say nothing, but I heard his whisper while he said: If I could read her damn mind, Everything would have been easier!

We were both angry now but after five minuten of silence he got my hand in his' and...
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posted by Emmett4ever
Hey all this is making me cry so much.Just writing it brings back a memory i really want to forget.Oh well im not gonna keep u waiting any longer.Enjoy!!!!

Edward's POV

Why did I let this happen?I was surprised that it was Alice and not Jasper.I turned to look at Bella who is sitting on the floor.She was Checking herself to see if she was hurt."Bella are u alright"asked Carlisle. "Yeah I'm fine"She answered. SHe turned to look at me.When she saw my face she looked away.When Carlisle was done checking Bella,they all wished her goodnight and i drove her home.I didn't want to talk.As soon...
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posted by surfergal
I wasn't hurt to bad. I had 9 stitches in my head a couple of bruised ribs one broken rib a broken hand and let's not forget my memory loss. I was moved from the Intensive Care Unit to my own room within three days. Nathen stayed with me everynight I told him to go home pagina and get some sleep but he refused to leave me. Once I had finally been able to sleep I woke up 3 hours later it was really late into the night and I just watched Nathen sleeping and thought how lucky I was to have such a great family and a great fiancé. I started crying when just thinking about it. Over the past months life...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Oh, I guess I shoulod tell yall that Jake is not a wolf yet. Sorry I forgot to tell yall that!

Jacob's POV
I searched through my room to find some clothes for Taylor. I found some shorts that looked like they would fit her. I found the smallest overhemd, shirt I own. Here are some clothes, those are the smallest sizes I own. I said. It's okay, I'll make them work. Tay said. I went into my bedroom and packed some extra clothes just in case the power was going to be out meer than a few meer hours and just in case we had to spend the night at Charlie's house. Jake, I got them to fit. Tay zei laughing as...
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posted by surfergal
Thanks to all for reading my stories! I don't know if this is going to be any good I sorta have writers block. Let me know if u have any ideas that u would want me to use.

Alice had me doing wedding plans everyday. It was amazing how much energy she had for such a small vampire. Alice and I planed Nathen and I wedding within a month.
School went on 5 days a week as it usually did. I was a junior this year. Edward was helping me so much with my school and then I knew that I was going to go back into the coarst guard once I actually turned 18.
So it was winter and it was snowing. This time...
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posted by teamalice_0
So FREAKING sorry I didn't write! I got caught up with high school, homework. Sorry! Please forgive me.

"See Mary Alice, that wasn't that hard." The teacher I guess was trying to..... calm me?

I din't care, I saw Alice's reaction, and she knew the name. I also knew my aunt was a vampire. Like me. I wanted to ask so many questions, but I came, and I saw. I never promised myself I'd talk to her let alone stay here.

She probably didn't know I exsited, of even want to talk to me. I might be 'dangerous' because I'm a vampire, a monster....
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Jake's POV 
I wanted to see Bella meer but since we went to 2 different schools it was hard. I got out if bed, got dressed, ate breakfast, and than headed off to school. I saw Taylor sitting on the uithangbord like she was yesterday. Taylor was full of secrets it felt. She always seemed to be hinding something. hallo Talor what's up? I asked her. Nothing waiting for school to start. Taylor said. Fun, what's your last? I asked her. I was so curious yo know. It Kullen, why? She asked. Just wondering. I told her. Oh, okay. She sounded like she was relieved. Than the klok, bell rang. We went to our lockers...
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posted by surfergal
Sorry its short, got to go to bed!ugh

That night Nathen and I had made plans to go to the strand that mroning before making the drive back up to forks. Once I woke up I put on my bathingsuit and then I took off my ring so I wouldn't loose it. It finally hit me I was actually engage. We drove to the strand and we got there and started surfing immediately. We surfed for about two hours and then we had to make a tough desion on having to leave and go back to the hotel. Once we got back we went upstairs and took showers and then we finished getting ready and sent all of our stuff down to the car....
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posted by RATHBONE07
Im sorry for writing this one kinda crappy but im kinda having writers block here. Sorry. Ill try harder volgende time, get those creative juices flowing:) XOXOX

“Vampire? Im a Vampire?” I looked at Embelline, then at James, and finally at Laurent. They all nodded. I still couldn’t get used to it. My skin had gone from tan to a scary pale. And although I didn’t have any fangs, my teeth were sharp.
“Yes. u probably need blood, the burn must be bothering you. James.” Embelline again motioned on James. He came vooruit, voorwaarts and pulled me towards him.
“Lets go.” I was confused as he took...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
When we got home pagina we all went to the back yard, we were going to practice fighting more. I didn't feel like fighting but I knew I needed to practice. I didn't like fighting my family but I knew if I wanted to be with them forever, I nedded the pratice. We only had a couple of days beofore the Volturi showed up. I wish it was longer, I was happy to see everyone on our side. I knew they would be, we're one big family. I knew if they were there for Nessie they would be there for Sawyer and I. Soon it was my chance to fight. I morphed into a couple of animals and than I finially caught Jasper. I...
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posted by Gabstaaa
Ever since I was a little girl, I had watched the birds dive and swoop through the air. Gliding and soaring over tree-tops and houses. When I had walked, hand-in-hand, with my Gramps through the park we’d collect their feathers. eend feathers, zwaan-, zwaan feathers. If we were lucky and searched hard we would sometimes come across abandoned nests with hollow eggs left inside. I would handle them with great care, like they were going to crack any minuut and out would pop a brand new baby bird.
‘Can I be a bird, Gramps?’ I always used to ask.
‘You can. Do u want me to teach u how to be a bird?’...
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posted by surfergal
Before I could say anything Nathen spoke up first.
Addi, I love u with all my hart-, hart amd I want to be with u for forever. Nathen said.
I started crying when he was speaking.
I know u don't want to get married this young but please, Will u mary me later in life? He ask.
I couldn't even say yes I was so happy, so I nodded my head. He slid the ring on my finger and then he gave me a big hug, u know the kind where they sweep u off your feet. It was perfect, I had my family with me and I had a fiance. The family went back to the hotel and me and Nathen stayed out on the strand for awhile....
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
As soon as they left I heard something in the bushes. I knew it wasn't Emmett and Rose, for this movement was way to big. I went over and sat
on the log where my clothes and stuff was. All of the sudden this huge wolf comes out of the bushes. Help, big wolf, help! I just say in my
normal voice thinking that someone will here me. The wolf got half way to the log and stopped. Help, big wolf, crap where's my gun. I zei
out loud still thinking that someone might here me. Emmett and Rose came out of the bush. She hasn't bothered you, no go on and don't hurt
her. Rose said. This wolf growled, I...
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Aug 24 2009 6:50 AM EDT

'New Moon' Director Finds The Cure For Robert Pattinson Withdrawal'We've got a nice dose of Taylor [Lautner] to sweeten any Rob deficiencies,' Chris Weitz tells MTV News.
By Larry Carroll

SAN DIEGO — It's hard to imagine a fall movie we're meer excited to see than "New Moon," the feverishly anticipated sequel to last year's "Twilight" and, technically, the prequel to volgende year's "Eclipse." u know the players, u know the plot details, and you've watched the trailers a few hundred times.

Now, with a mere 13 weeks (!) until we can finally watch the Bella/Edward/Jacob...
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