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 Seth and Leah in wolf form,BD 2
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This Twilight Series foto might contain hout wolf, grijze wolf, canis lupus, timber wolf, de grijze wolf, and de canis lupus.

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Bella and I sat on the log waiting for the Volturi Alice had predicted would come,just the kind thing they would clean up.Carsisle and Esme sat quietly on the end of one of the logs,around the warm fire.Faming hot compared to the tempature of my skin.And still hot compared to Bella's warm tempature of her human,soft skin.Emmett grinning at himself remembering the kill he had,as he took on the strongest he could find.He stared at the flames as the thick smoke went into the air.Rosalie at his side,she had her hand on his arm,her legs crossed,angled toward him.Alice the same with Jasper on a different...
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I am a budding screenplay writer and wanted to write a script for New Moon. For lots of reasons. Mainly, to satisfy myself in case the real movie is not what I think it should be

I post frequently over in livejournal at the lion_lamb community and have geplaatst it over there too.

here are linken to my screenplay

This screenplay has some things different from New Moon. u will recognize many scenes I kept. u will notice some things that I have combined. u will also notice stuff of my own. This is all typical with any adaptation.

There are also hints of Eclipse in here and set ups for...
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To hear meer of Breaking Dawn Edward's POV visit (This is fan fiction and not written door Stephanie Meyer. I am not the author)
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