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This Twilight Series foto might contain portret, headshot, and close-up.

posted by karpach_14
Chapter 21
“who invited him?” I asked in a rude voice.
“Carlisle incsited the whole family came over” Emmett told me and I rolled my eyes. I got out of the car and wondered what was waiting on me.
“lets get Ivan out and in the house” I told uncle Emmett. He nodded. Uncle Emmett took Ivan and dragged him to my room. I was still in the car and was getting my stuff. I locked the car and put the keys in my portemonnee and hrld my left hand close so it wont verplaats an inch. I was walcking towards the house hiding my left arm so my father wouldn’t see it. But it was impossible. I walked to the...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Six
    Have u ever thought of a reason to stay inside for the day? Was it because u felt sick, of was it because u were just too lazy to throw your legs over the side of the bed, get up, and start the day? Whichever answer u choose, if it's u feeling sick, of u being to lazy, of because of a different reason, then tell me this: what have u done that dag to feel good about yourself? Did u clean your house because your family/guests are coming over? Did u get up to make breakfast...
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posted by karpach_14
Chapter 17

“my mother couldn’t unleash the powers but I did” I zei quietly not even a vampire could have heard me..
“ivan y did u guys have thefight?” I asked him calmly.
“I actually don’t know he started it, I was defending myself” Ivan answered.
“and that’s y I love u u don’t get into fights so I don’t have to worry u getting killed of anything, like this
“ I said.
“but the good this is that im okay” Ivan said. everyone went back to what they were doing.
“nessie y didn’t u toon me that?” my father asked me I swallowed.
“because u really didn’t know who my...
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posted by karpach_14
Chapter 14
`”jake!” I cried and ran up to him.
“I know everything nessie, and we’re going to try to save ur family” jake told me.
“its too late to ssave it they’re divorced” I told him
“there’ alwaay still a chance” jake told me. And I nodded..
“but first wheres ur mother?” sam asked me.
“she’s near carlisles” I told him.
“she’s not there”he told me.
“what do u mean shes not there? I just saw her there aa couple minuten ago” I told them.
“when I went to carlisle’s house, he zei that she stepped ouside and didn’t come back” jake told me.....
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posted by karpach_14
"who is it?" eric asked. this cant be any worse ur alone with a guy at a hotel and ur family pops up thinking who knows what.
"grandpa Carlisle i told only mom" i whispered to him.
"i didnt want to tell them, but edward read my mind" he told me. i couldnt believe it.
"dad stop reading peoples mind" i told him, i wasnt as mad with him as i was before.
"ooo a movie sweet... excuse me let me through" emmett zei and went o watch avatar.
"ooo popcorn" he practically shouted and i rolled my eyes.
"i've missed u so much" aunt alice squealed.
"me too" and she hugged me.
"then y dont u come home?" she asked...
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Well I created a fanfiction contest spot two months geleden to acknowledge all of our fantastic writers here but unfortunatly that didn't turn out well... Now I'm going to restart that. Our first contest is done, and I was wondering about the seconde one; Last time only one person participated so this time we need more! If u are a fanfiction writers, inspired to be writer, likes Twilight, of anything! Participate in this! It is just a fun thing to do! I know kind of random but now we can bring all competition into one spot. Read Contest #1 on the club for meer details on rules and prizes and everything. I'm not going to need judges right now though so please don't ask about it... of u can ask and just be on the waiting lijst I'm about to create!


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