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First Complete Scene of the Twilight Movie



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hes not the one who kills him is he?
that changes a big part of the books..

im sorry i loveee the books soo much i know im going to have problems with this movie.. ill probably watch it 39457820348967 times anyway :P
posted een jaar geleden.
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cheergeek said:
No, I don't think Edward did. But that wasn't the end of the scene.

I loved the clip though, it was kinda cheesy but it made me laugh XD
posted een jaar geleden.
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twilovers said:
When I first saw it was coming on...I ran around my house Yelling, "Twilight!", then I passed out before it even started. It was a fun day :].

I love the clip. I agree with cheergeek, it was cheesy a little. Like the music and stuff.
posted een jaar geleden.