Twilight Series Where are most of the Twilight fans from?

Pick one:
U. S. A. & amp; Canada
U.S.A. & Canada
Mexico & amp; Central America
Mexico & Central America
South America
South America
Western Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Germany,...
Western Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Holland, etc.)
UK & amp; Ireland
UK & Ireland
Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Czech,...
Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Czech, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lativa, etc.)
Middle East
Middle East
Eastern Asia (China, Tibet, Korea, Vietnam, India,...
Eastern Asia (China, Tibet, Korea, Vietnam, India, Russia, Thailand, etc.)
Asian Islands (Phillipines, Indonesia, Japan,...
Asian Islands (Phillipines, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, etc.)
Australia & amp; New Zeland
Australia & New Zeland
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