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Do u know if in the future is going to be another season for Ugly Betty? I really think the last episode was incomplete, I can not belive this is the end :(

 Massiel posted een jaar geleden
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mimifaith said:
Why do u think it was incomplete? The toon was cancelled and I know a lot of Betty fans would love for it to go on forever, but I thought it was a really nice ending!

I mean, she'd finally found the job she's always wanted, her and Daniel FINALLY saw what was right in front of them and everyone's loose ends had been tied up. The truth is (and I learnt this from the writer of a different show) is that once two characters that are meant to be together have gotten together, there is nowhere else substantial that the writers can go from there, which is why people always seem to end up with each other at the end and we never hear any more.

So, no, devastatingly there's not going to be another season, because the show's ratings were dipping dramatically in the 3rd season of it running :( Sorry!
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posted een jaar geleden 
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