Ugly Betty Do U Agree With This Statement?: Season 4 Needs Meer Marc And Amanda Together On- Screen

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 waichingliu81 posted een jaar geleden
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sba_85 picked yes!!:
YES!!!They are the 2 most funniest people on this show!!!
posted een jaar geleden.
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ok so, i had to post this question because frankly right now i am getting a serious lack of marc and amanda scenes with the pair of them together.

i know this season has been busy with betty, matt, daniel but being a marc and amanda fan i was expecting plenty of scenes. we judt didn't get many of them. i am so dissapointed by this.

and has anyone noticed that this season there hasn't been that many funny moments, as most of them didn't involve marc and amanda?

the writers seem to forget this show is a comedy too, the drama is good but right now it is becoming too serious for its own good.
posted een jaar geleden.
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haley02 picked yes!!:
they are the two best people on the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted een jaar geleden.
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detty4ever picked yes!!:
Yes, definitely! I miss their funny/emotional/cute scenes! They keep the show alive!!!
posted een jaar geleden.