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 Secretly a Vampire
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This Vampires achtergrond contains boeket, corsage, ruikertje, bouquet, posy, roos, rosiness, camelia, and camellia. There might also be roos, rozenstruik, rosebush, begonia, damast roos, de zomer damast nam toe, rosa damascena, and zomer damast roos.

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Skylar stared at him disappointed "Please tell me..." Tony looked into her eyes than stared up at the sky "I hate telling this story...But I guess I have to.."

*Flash back*

Lucy looked up at Shadow kissing him goodbye, as Tony strolled up from behind her. Lucy turned around noticing Tony and hugged him tightly, door this time Tony and Shadow were best friends, Lucy let go of Tony saying "Hey Whats up?" He smiled down at her he felt very playfully so he poked her in the stomach. As they were having a poking war, Lucy had slipped in a puddle of water, falling backwards she busted her head on the...
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