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 Secretly a Vampire
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This Vampires achtergrond contains boeket, corsage, ruikertje, bouquet, posy, roos, rosiness, camelia, and camellia. There might also be roos, rozenstruik, rosebush, begonia, damast roos, de zomer damast nam toe, rosa damascena, and zomer damast roos.

Chapter One

    In the first decades of the 21st century, it would hardly come as a surprise to learn that we are not alone in this vast universe. It is generally accepted that microorganisms populate the cosmos, however the existence of intelligent life beyond our pale, blue dot engenders a meer robust debate among scientists, scholars, religious authorities, and the public. Many people are of the opinion that if ET existed we should have heard from him door now. The deafening silence screaming out from the void is proof that we are alone in our superior intelligence, as defined...
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Chapter 8

The limo pulled up outside and honked for Kyle. When he came out, he noticed that Banticate wasn’t with it this time. The driver explained that he had stayed at his apartment to begin preparations for dinner. About twenty-five minuten later, Kyle knocked on Banticate’s door. The door opened, and there was Banticate in a black button down shirt, and black slacks. Kyle immediately felt very underdressed.
“Man stand long time with mouth open waiting for eend to fly in.” Banticate joked. Kyle closed his mouth with an audible snap, and came inside. He just couldn’t get over how...
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I blinked as I returned to the present. Jackson and Lenete were staring at me and I soon realised that they had just watched my flash back with me probably due to the fact I didn’t answer their questions; I smiled a weak smile at them.
“It’s okay Daisi, nothing is going to happen” Lenete whispered as she hugged me.
I rolled my eye’s at Jackson as she hugged me and I was instantly lost in his purple eyes.
“Daisi Rose Hethford!” Lenete all but screeched at me a minuut later.
I snapped out of Jackson’s eyes again for the seconde time this morning and stared at Lenete as everyone...
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A female vampire's beauty is her greatest weapon....
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