For those who haven't seen it yet: Obviously this lijst has some spoilers, but as long as u already know LoVe reunites and Logan is in the Navy, there's nothing too major

Ten Best

1)    Logan and Veronica reunite (I probably wouldn’t have even seen the movie if I didn’t know for sure this was the case)
2)    Shirt ripping sexy times
3)    Referencing the epic speech
4)    Dick being Dick (but funny Dick only, not mean Dick)
5)    LoVe’s chemistry and connection still obvious after 9 years apart
6)    Logan and “Ruby” the fan girl (so hilarious!!)
7)    Logan rescuing Keith and taking care of Veronica afterwards
8)    Cameos (Leo, Vinnie, Clemmons, James Franco, etc.)
9)    Banter, sarcasm, and snark (which is sort of like the Holy Trinity of VM)
10)    Little things that showed LoVe’s togetherness, like Veronica sleeping in Logan’s overhemd, shirt and driving his car (especially the car because it implied that they were serious about being together when Logan returns and might indicate a certain acceptance of Logan’s wealth that Veronica never had on the show—it was a BMW afterall)

Ten Worst

1)    No “I love yous”
2)    Logan having to leave for 6 months at the end
3)    No MaDi (Reading fanfic may have gegeven me an unrealistic hope that this was an actual possibility)
4)    Logan may have looked seriously hot in his uniform, but the Navy thing still seemed random and out of character
5)    Veronica sending her dad a text while hiding from Cobb, but not sending one to Logan (especially after they had just spent the night together)
6)    LoVe with other people [Logan saying her loved Carrie and Veronica calling Piz a sexual sharknado (gag)]
7)    Logan and Veronica didn’t really have any serious conversations about their past of their relationship (their final talk of the movie had some elements of this, but it wasn’t enough)
8)    The secret of what really happened on the boot was kind of disappointing/lame
9)    Piz breaking up with Veronica instead of the other way around (I suppose she sort of made the choice when she decided to stay in Neptune instead of meeting his parents. I just wish the writers had decided to make it clear that she stayed to help Logan and not because she love mysteries.)
10)    Small things that I wish would have been included (i.e. Backup II, surfer Logan, Logan using “bobcat”)