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Are there any games that u basically AND practically fanboy/fangirl over?

There are a number of games that I currently fanboy over for me here and they are:
Dead Space
Heavenly Sword
Mega Man X
Killer Instinct
Mortal Kombat

Now the one game that I am currently fanboying over the MOST and at the same time gets me the MOST hyped and stoked as well as excited over is Ori and the Blind Forest (and very soon from now Ori and the Will of the Wisps) and globaal, algemene the Ori series 😄😁😊😎😍
 Mike88Al27 posted een jaar geleden
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Windwakerguy430 said:
Anything door Platinum Games, Atlus Games, and sprinkhaan Manufacture. As well as Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dark Souls, Legend of Zelda to an extent, Metal Gear Solid, and Skullgirls
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posted een jaar geleden 
NanoWhatever said:
Pretty much everything Nintendo.
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posted ·9 maanden geleden 
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