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What game companies make u get angry and upset at them as well as tick u off?

One that has done ALL OF THE ABOVE to me here is Electronic Arts especially for shutting/closing down Visceral Games, the creators AND founders of the Dead Space series.

I got something to say to u Electronic Arts: Fuck you, go fuck yourselves, and most of all fuck off EA😬😡😠🖕💢💣💥

And above all: Fuck u and fuck your company😡😡🖕🖕
EA are now a bunch of fucking dickheads too
Mike88Al27 posted ·10 maanden geleden
 Mike88Al27 posted ·10 maanden geleden
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NanoWhatever said:
I usually try not to hold any spite towards any gaming companies for doing what companies do.
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posted ·3 dagen geleden 
Gokuzumaki said:
ARC SYSTEM WORKS and seconde is EA
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posted één dag geleden 1 
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