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In video games, there is always an ending that is left to leave the player satisfied. The good guy wins, wins the girl, rides off into the sunset, the whole good ending stuff. But, then there are the endings that are portrayed door your actions and what u do. Sure, u may have been a prick to everyone, but at least u win in the end. But, then there are the endings that are so bad, that u just can’t help but feel disappointed in yourself for getting an ending like that. So, today, I will talk about the most awful bad endings in video games. First, when I say bad endings, I don’t mean the endings suck, I mean these are the endings that u get for making poor choices, and the game is punishing u for it. Next, I am only including games that I have played. Also, only one game per franchise. And last, this lijst contains massive spoilers. I honestly didn’t think I had to say that, but, there is the warning anyway. So, yeah, spoilers ahead. So, with that said, lets start the list

#5: Metal Gear Solid - For anyone who has played Metal Gear Solid, we all know of Snakes partner, Meryl Silverburgh. Whoever, some of u may not know that she can actually die in the game. u see, the only way to get this bad ending is if u fail the torture scene. However, it is very simple to pass the torture scene, because… well, how could anyone not press the X button. It’s kinda easy, really. Anyway, if u fail, and after the final boss fight with Liquid, u will then see that Meryl is dead and u couldn’t save her. And now, instead of leaving with Meryl, u leave with… Otacon... Um… okay? And if u didn’t think that was bad enough, Otacon then gives us a talk about how we all have to deal with death. I mean, COME ON. Isn’t it bad enough that I just killed a major character? Thankfully, this isn’t the canon ending, so, that’s a plus, right?

#4: Far Cry 3 - So, throughout the game, the character u play as, Jason Brody, is on a mission to save his brother and vrienden from a psychotic group of pirates. As u continue, u will meet Citra, who helps u become a warrior. And after you’ve saved your vrienden and taken care of the pirates, Citra will then give u a choice. u can leave the island with your friends, of u can kill them and become a warrior. Of course, the choice is obvious here… unless u wanted to save your vrienden for nothing, in which case, u decide to slice your vrienden throats. But, I’m sure it was all worth it. I mean, Jason does get to sleep with Citra…. right before she stabs him in the chest and kills him…. In hindsight this wasn’t a very good choice to make.

#3: Dead Rising 3 - In Dead Rising 3, u play as Nick… That name sounds familiar…. Anyway, throughout the game, Nick and a group of other major characters try to leave the city to avoid being killed in the bombing that is about to take place, while also trying to prove that Hemlock, the games main antagonist, caused the outbreak. Once u get through most of the cases in the game, your last goal is to gather everyone together and head to the plane so u can escape the city. Or, u can get a pretty bad ending like Ending D. In this ending, Nick goes out of his original character as a man who will fight for his friends, and just decides it is every man for himself. However, the other survivors aren’t having any of it. They then knock Nick to the ground, board the plane, and leave him for dead. Just seeing Nick be ridiculed and left to die door his vrienden is bad enough, but it only gets worse when the game tells u that zombie outbreaks occurred all over America, as Hemlock planned. Man, this game really knows how to punish u for your poor choices.

#2: Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee - Now, this was a very funny game. And, let me tell you, it doesn’t stop being funny even at the good ending. But what about the bad ending? Is there any humor to be found there? Well, to get the bad ending, Abe and Munch have to leave behind hundreds of Fuzzles and Scrubs to be slaves in mines. Once u do, u will then be met with Fuzzles, who are now deformed due to the experiments that were done on them. The Fuzzles then attack Abe and Munch and sound the alarm. After which, Abe’s head is placed on the uithangbord as a trophy, while the Vykkers slice open Munch to collect his lungs for the Glukkon Queen, leading to Munch dying. And if that isn’t bad enough, if u have Black Quarma, a device in the game that shows how good u are, u will see that the last can of Gabaar, a can that contained the last eggs of Munch’s species, was eaten, and the labor eggs of Abe’s people have hatched, creating a new generation of slaves for the Glukkons. So, Abe and Munch are dead, Munch’s race is extinct, and Abe’s people are enslaved once again. And up to this point, this was a very funny game.

#1: Persona 4 Golden - I am just going to warn u right now, I won’t just spoil the ending. I will be spoiling EVERYTHING in Persona 4 Golden. So, if u do not want to see what this ending has in store, than I suggest that u stop reading this artikel right now. But, if u are still going to keep reading, then okay. Throughout the entire game, Yu and his vrienden are trying to stop the person who is kidnapping and killing people. The killer has been throwing people into the TV world, which seems like an attempt to kill them. u will then see that Nanako, Yu’s young cousin, has been kidnapped door a man named Namatame, and has taken her to the TV world. After u beat him in a boss fight, he is sent to the hospital, where he then tells u that he is responsible for the kidnappings, but not the murders. After which, u will then see that a thick fog has surrounded the city of Inaba. So, u continue your investigation. Once u soon found out what is going on, u then figure out that Adachi, Dojima’s partner, is the killer. And, yes, he is. He then takes u to the TV world, where u must fight him in a boss fight, which leads to another boss fight with Ameno-Sagiri, the God of Fog, who says that the fog is made to turn everyone in the world into Shadows. Now, why am I telling u all this. So u can better understand how awful the Accomplice Ending is. Once u go see Adachi, u will then begin saying that he is the killer. At first, he will take it as a joke, until u tell him that u are on the killers side. After this, Adachi will come back with a threat letter that was sent to Yu that Adachi forgot to send to Forensics. Adachi then hands u a lighter, and gives u a choice. And if u choose to burn it, u will then see that Adachi was the killer, and laughs, as that letter was the last piece of evidence to prove who the killer was, and u just destroyed it, and that the truth of the case is forever gone. Sure, this lets u form the strongest bond possible with Adachi, but at what cost. Well, after this, u will skip to the end of the year, where u will have to leave Inaba. Here, the fog is still bad, and everyone is now in a state of sadness. And u can definitely feel it. But, that’s not bad enough. On the train ride home, Yu then see’s Adachi out his window, who gives an evil grin, tonen how they will meet again. Oh, and remember what I zei about the fog, that turns people into Shadows and would destroy all humanity. Yeah, that’s still around. In other words, u doomed humanity. And when u compare this to the good ending, where u have clear blue skies, and everyone is all happy and Nevermore plays, u then see that this ending is one of the hardest to watch in any video game out there.

Well, there u have it. Did u enjoy the list? Tell me what u thought of it below. With that said, I will see u all volgende time
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