This artikel is made as a joke. Do not take everything in it seriously. Okay? Good

Hey, every 1. Today i am going to tell u all what characters i want in super smash brus FOR!

1 character-Red Yoshi because green is a stupid ezel colur and anyone who likes it is a autistic fag. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

2 character-i want Mewtwo. Lucario, Greninja, and Jigglypuff suck dik.

3 character-i want Super Sanic, because Super Sanic is cool.

4 character-Put Banjo in the game already, Nintendo, u stupid gays. ‘kay, love you.

5 character-bring bak Snake. He’s much better than gay-ass Mega Man. Mega Man’s a super gay

6 character-i want Call of Duty guy. it would be totally fair to 360 no scope noobs all dag in Smash Bros., because I am 100 pircent boss

7 character- I WNT SUPER SAIYAN GOKU I WANT HIM NOW goku could kik marios ezel any day. fuk u gays who think Goku can never make it in smash bros.

‘Kay, thats all i have. please like, comment, and subscribe if u arent a gay