Wassup everyone. I was playing Kingdom Hearts 2 the other dag and I really enjoy that game although that HD Final mix collection continues to elude me T.T But I shall find it one day!

Anyway I thought I would make a lijst of my favourite worlds in Kingdom Hearts 2 and unlike Kingdom Hearts 1 where I disliked quite a few worlds I loved almost every world in Kingdom Hearts 2 so I'm here to rank them from least favourite to favourite.

Of course this is just my opinion your favourite will be different to mine and I'm sorry if it's not yours. Also yes, there is spoilers so if u haven't played then u should stop reading.

Let's do this

Oh boy what a shocker. Yes this is my least favourite world. This world just isn't fun, I mean a musical game ? Really ? If this was in 100 Acre Wood I wouldn't have minded as much but we really had to do this ? Yes, if u want the Ultima weapon and the secret ending u have to complete this world. If you're just playing through the game u can skip this since this has no real story. Just the Little Mermaid which I loved, but only when I was watching it. I didn't think they could make Atlantica worse but they sure proved me wrong.

This is not Finny Fun

#14-100 Acre Wood
Now don't get me wrong. I don't hate this world at all, in fact I actually do like it quite it a bit. It's just one of those worlds that didn't really give me that 'wow' factor. The mini games are fun and I do enjoy the story of Pooh getting his memories back. This is just one of those 'I don't like it as much as the others', like I zei Atlantica is really the only world I detest.

Winnie the Tyrant

#13-Space Paranoids
Space Paranoids really came out of left field. The world looked cool and Sora looked cool but that's about it. I didn't really enjoy the world as much others would've and I thought it was a bit underwhelming. I really don't have much to say about it


Yeah. I wasn't a big fan of Agrabah in Kingdom Hearts 1 because it was a bit confusing and this time it's far too linear. And it has the 3 B's. It's big, barren and boring. Not just because it's brown it just felt like a chore to play through. It was just there and the seconde visit wasn't any better. I love Aladdin and it pains me that they can't do it justice


#11-Disney Castle
Disney kasteel globaal, algemene was a great world and it was enjoyable. But for most of the time you're fighting an infinite amount of Shadows and the most frustrating part is protecting her Bolt Towers which are hella annoying. But it is an enjoyable one nonetheless.

Is Walt Disney in the basement ?

#10-The World That Never Was
This world, aesthetically, is the best world in the game. It looks super cool and has quite atmospheric. The problem is like Disney kasteel you're fighting endless Shadows and it gets kinda boring, not gonna lie. Also like Agrabah it's pretty linear and can get stale. It's this high up for it's looks and it's bosses.

I moon u

#9-Olympus Colliseum
"Get up on the hydra's back!" "Okay, gimme a min-" "Get up on the hydra's back!" "Okay Phil I'm go-" "Get up on the hydra's back!" "I'm on the hydra's-" "Get up on the hydra's back!" "For **** sakes Phil I'm al-" Get up on the hydra's back!" "Goddamnit Phil!"
Yeah that's what I'm talking about. The world this time was meer fleshed out than KH1 but not door much. It's still kinda short and mostly offers the Colliseum fight in the form of the underdome. u also don't get exp in the colliseum this time, which is super lame.

Get up on the Hydra's back!

#8-Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden
I tried not to let my love for Hollow bastion from the first game influence my decision but I was unsuccessful in that. Yes I love this world a lot thanks to the combined effort of one and two. I think Hollow bastion in the seconde game was a bit weaker than the first mainly because of the 1000 heartless battle. I mean Sora vs 1000 heartless alone sounds epic, but not when the only u have to do is press driehoek repeatedly.


#7-Halloween Town
Jack is back baby! Yes I love Jack Skellington and I love his world. Halloween Town in KH2 did a much better job of telling the story of the movie Nightmare before Christmas. I love the world's overworld and battle theme a lot and I love the costumes Sora and Gang wear. If only I have Final Mix because the Christmas costumes are adorable. I will get u 2.5! *Shakes fist*

Boo boo boo!

#6-Port Royal
I'm not gonna lie. Sora and co stick out like a clown at a Goth party. This could've been easily fixed but my changing Sora's tone to match the world's and there u go, problem solved. The world itself is pretty good though. It had some interesting elements although the damn pirates would always become invincible the seconde I want to finish them off and that is why I have one less controller. But I really can't complain about anything, music's good, story's good, Sora idolizing pirates is pretty good as well.


#5-Beast's Castle
Ah Beast. Gone from a random pull to having your world where u act as a giant jerk, but we still love you. Yeah Beast's kasteel is pretty huge for a few people to live in but also pretty awesome. The muziek that plays here is one of my favourite tracks in the game and I listen to it a lot whenever I have the time.


#4-Twilight Town
u were waiting for this one weren't u ? Yes Twilight Town is one of my favourite worlds in the game (As u can tell since it's number 4 on the lijst :P) Yes this world gave me the feels quite a number of times and was very good for being the first world. It had actual NPCs which is like nonexistent in the other worlds and it was really wonderful to go through. I really enjoyed going through the world as Roxas and it bums me out that we didn't do the same as Sora. Maybe in Kingdom Hearts 3....

It's just so good

#3-Timeless River
Okay so this was waaaaaaay before my time. Like 40 years before I was even born. But when I saw this, I couldn't help but crack a smile. I don't why but it was just.....cool to me. They put the characters in all their old designs and even based Sora off of Japanese manga from the time which is a nice detail. He sticks out but it's still something I could get behind. The world was special, and I loved going through it

Waaaaaay before my time

#2-Pride Lands
Talk about nostalgia overload. One of my favourite films from when I was a kid in Kingdom Hearts, that is a booyah from me. Yes as a huge Lion King fan it's no surprise that this is one of my favourite worlds. The controls were great, the muziek was great, the story was just Lion King 1 but I can't complain because I love it to death. Also, Sora has a lion is super adorable. I'm not the only that thinks that right ?

Oh the nostalgia

#1-The Land of Dragons
Let's get down to business! To defeat, the heart-less! Yes Mulan is one of my favourite films of all time. And when I saw this on the map I marked out so hard. I was so excited to play this and it did not disappoint. Even the stupid morality thing didn't get in the way of me enjoying this world and what it had to offer. A beautiful landscape, beautiful muziek and a beautiful art direction made this my favourite world and also Mushu, who isn't Eddie Murphy in this! That's just wrong man, really wrong

Hellz yeah!

And there u have it. My favourite Kingdom Hearts 2 worlds. Like I zei there's only one I hated and the rest I enjoyed. Lemme know what your favourites are.