Ah Video Games club, it's been WAY too long. When was I last here, when I made my top, boven 10 Things I Hate The Most In Video Games? Man, it's been freaking forever.

Anyways, so I've been thinking recently about the GBA game Megaman Battle Chip challenge and remembered how much hate the game got overall.

And dare I ask........ WHY?

Welcome to Random Rants! Where I nitpick the mother-living hell out of whatever I so damn desire. Sound good to you? IT FUCKING BETTER.

Back onto our topic, I replayed MMBCC earlier to see if I was missing anything on why the game was so hated.

And yep. I still fucking LOVE this game. Soooo, what the hell society? Am I missing something? Am I fucking insane? Probably. XD

But my GOD, the community seems to fucking DESPISE this game. I mean yeah, it's a lot different from the other Battle Network games, but does that REALLY make it bad?

And that's pretty much everyone's complaint when u think about it. "It's too different!" "I can't play this!" "Why did they change the formula?" "Fuck this confusing game!"

u want confusing? Play Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest and say that to my face again. I FUCKING DARE YOU.

So in MMBCC u don't actually verplaats around, but are on a main menu and u pick to either go to a tournament of buy some new battle-chips.

The battle system works off a random factor. There's basically a little area where u can put your B-Chips in that looks like this:

: : :
: : :
: :

So u can put your most important battle-chips in front for a 50% chance to get those, then 33%, then 25% in the back because of the 4 rows.

It's really strategic based but also very fun at the same time!

u can also put chips in two special slots and can press L of R to activate them, so that adds some fun too.

I honestly didn't explain too much that well at all in this article, but there's a lot meer stuff in this game than it sounds.

I love so many things about MMBCC. The muziek is fantastic, there's TONS of customization options, and easily the best part, u can play as ANY Navi of form of a Navi in this game.

ANY CHARACTER u WANT. ANY FORM u WANT. bas, bass GS? Sure! Hub-style Megaman? WHY THE FUCK NOT? :D


Just because a game is different DOES NOT MEAN IT'S BAD. If people realized this a long time geleden I'm sure this game would have WAY better ratings.

I only have ONE problem with the game, and that's getting the secret battle-chips.

Here's the bullshit I had to go through in order to get them:

*So when u make a profiel u get a code for your profile. A LONG ONE. To get to Tournament 128, u need 112 meer codes to get in. (Since there's 16 free CPU ones.)


*Then u have to play that tournament over and over while fighting your fake CPU Navi's until u get the card I want.

I fucking hated that part of the game. I got every single battle-chip, but the experience was something out of a nightmare.

Other then that though, if u aren't a psycho-completionist like I am, than I HIGHLY recommend MMBCC. It's a different game, but it's a hell of a lot of fun. Lots of characters, customization options, fantastic music, and pretty darn good graphics for the GBA.

Adios amigos, until the volgende time!