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The monumental dwarven sim game. Free to download, easy to play, difficult to master.
Step Mania is an open-source game project that recreates the populair console dance game experience for computers running various Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. With a free download and lots of content, Step Mania is a lot of fun.
Gadget blog TechEBlog put together a lijst of ten truly odd gaming controllers. Standouts in strangeness include the Wii knockoff SplitFish Glide FX, the Resident Evil GameCube chain-saw controller and the (pictured) PS2's "PachiSlot" controller.
Extensive web site with information about different consoles from the history of video games.
Fierce Game Biz blurb about a bill in Oklahoma similar to the New York one (linkthat has been blocked door a judge.
artikel in Forbes about legislation pending in New York state that aims to control the sale of mature-rated games. Interesting read.
A free little game to download and play satirizing the games industry.
In this edition of my Retro Round-Up series, I look at the video game 'You Don't Know Jack', which became hugely populair in the mid-90's, but tapered off due to overkill. After some time, 'Jack' is back online, so see what all the fuss is about.
A set of digital magazines for gamers, written door games journalists and including video and multimedia. All u need is Adobe Reader 8 on a PC. The magazines are free, and they have ones for Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3 and PSP/DS.
Jack Thompson vs. Paul Levinson on CNBC last June ... the inside, behind-the-scenes story, as well as a videlclip