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What other types of Vocaloids would u like to see in the future?

Like if u could go up to a company and have them make what u would consider an ideal Vocaloid, what would u want. Gender, voice capabilities, language, globaal, algemene design etc. anything u would like to see in future Vocaloids.

I'd like to see meer gender neutral/androgynous voices similar to VY1/VY2 and especially v flower. I'm also always interested in any new language of genre for singing. As far as box art goes it's always interesting to see when companies try to individualize their characters door not doing anime art styles.
 panisepic posted een jaar geleden
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Nequllie said:
I really want to see an english vocaloid that's clear. It normally sounds really choppy, and I don't like that.
And meer male vocaloid, for god sake.
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posted een jaar geleden 
I think Cyber Diva sounds like a great improvement over past English Vocaloids, I could actually understand what she was singing without reading the lyrics.
panisepic posted een jaar geleden
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