Vocaloids Theme icoon Contest!

marcelinerocker posted on Jan 17, 2014 at 10:40AM
Hey there! I saw this on another club and thought it might be interesting. Here are the rules if anybody wants to join:

*No copying other's pictures, please.

*Pictures not related to the topic will be disqualified for that round.

*Each participant will earn a prop.

*Winner of each round gets two props.

*No bashing. Please keep things positive on this contest.

*You can change your entry up to 2 times each round.

*Your picture MUST be on time. I will give a week or two for preparation. Depends on how many entries we get.

*PLEASE post just ONE entry. If you would like to change it, PLEASE state it! I do not like it when people spam with entries. Its annoying.

*You can use either screenshots, photos or fan arts for your entry.

*PLEASE MAKE IT ICON SIZED AND SQUARED! I will not accept anymore entries that are not icon sized and squared.
Round 1: Hatsune miku and her friends in the Beach

Vocaloids No antwoorden