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This vore club kunst van een fan contains sleuf, eenarmige bandiet, slot, een gewapende bandit, gokautomaat, muntautomaat, slotmachine, munt machine, glas in lood raam, and glasraam. There might also be anime, grappig boek, manga, cartoon, and stripboek.

posted by snakemanfan
im sorry to say
but the owner of this club
has been suspended im not
sure how of why she just did
if u want to know meer just ask fanpop
about it
if she dose not get un suspended
i will be taking over this club
(im a close friend of hers)
so if any thing is wrong just ask me
and ill do my best to set it right
im sorry for this bad new
but as i zei plz help me get her
unsuspended it would help her
get back to what she loved to do
on the depending she will ask me to
do a thing of two for her
posted by shadowlover100
i herd cackling after he hit the uithangbord all of a sudden he stopped cackling and coughed it was silent but the i herd the noise of blue quick`s boots touching the sled and then boots dragging along the sand. as soon as the sled was moving the red air zei "you ok blue?" door that commentaar i heard the blue quick get up and groan "i guess that's a no hu?" with that commentaar from the red airman blue threw something at him. its sounded like a some sort of metal object. after a few hours i herd the sled stop and the red airman say "ok your home" (end of part 7)
posted by shadowlover100
i think the sound was a sled sliding on sand but i think the blue quick was dragging it. not a single word was spoke for a few of the minuets. i herd a loud thud just as the blue quick was about to say something i guess that thud was him hitting the uithangbord of a boom but what ever it was he let out a loud grunting noise. snaky zei nothing door the way he was breathing i think he was asleep i was kinda worried that soon i would begin to digest but meer worried about the blue quick if he got hurt other villains would come to the town to destroy it. then i herd him fall into the sand and fan blades spinning but the only one with fan blades around here is the red airman .D. (end of part 6)
posted by shadowlover100
after i kept quite i shivered i think it just got colder in here. it was cold for the snake as well
a bit to cold... i felt him get up and door the noises he made i was very heavy and that it was night. i herd the lock on the door click and open he moved out very quickly but as silent as he could after a few hours i herd his feet scraping on sand so i could tell he was already in the desert. i guess he wanted to lie out in the sun and wast time till i digest but it was night so he kept on walking. after a few hours i herd him moan "hey whats wrong?" i ask with a bit of sarcasm he replyd "your very heavy and its hard to move" i smirked and then zei "why where are u trying to go" his reply was "im trying to get back to my home pagina far out in this desert" my smirk vanished and i went silent but to this he zei "i guess im gunna take a nap until dawn ... night" (end of part 4)
posted by shadowlover100
that snaky creature was still clutching his stomach he look like he was in some form of pain. i was still leaning on the uithangbord i scanned the room quickly to see if the was a way out. sadly there was one but it was an air vent but only that snake guy can fit in that air vent. when i looked back at him he had moved i was a bit panicky now not knowing where he was but the all of a sudden i felt breathing on my neck. i turned my head it was him i felt a little meer relived but now he was right volgende to me. i felt his had push my back then i felt him pulling off my shoes then he pulled off my socks....
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posted by shadowlover100
after a few seconden i heard that snake let out a large throaty belch the he placed one of his clawed hands on me but i think he was just rubbing there. i herd a purring noise coming from him i punched the uithangbord again. in reaction he just zei " Im sorry but our deal was a meal" to this commentaar i kicked him and replied "yes A meal but this is stupid" but to this commentaar he zei "yes a meal and for there u are the meal". he seemed very smug at this point but it was pointless trying to yell for help because he was the only help i ever got. after a few hours he got up but then he fell onto his...
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posted by shadowlover100
one dag like any other until some ghastly robbers came and robbed the banks. out of the blue some wired creature came and zei to me "how about i help with this problem but in return i wish for a meal" i was overwhelmed with his offer and what he wanted in return so i agreed to his terms. After a few hours he returned covered in some sort of red liquid covering his body i thought to me self "is that actually blood" but before i could say any thing he handed me two large bags filled with the stolen money. as promised i let him has his meal but he had something else in plan that the meal i promised....
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