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This Wade Barrett foto might contain homp, stoere binken, zwembroek, baden trunks, sixpack, abs, ab crack, platte buik, zes pack abs, and ab spleet.

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Wade Barrett was interviewed door Sky Sports & mentioned Chris Jericho:

skysports.com: Are there any established WWE Superstars u turn to for advice?
WB: Yeah definitely. I was lucky enough on NXT to have Chris Jericho as my pro. He’s a six-time World Champion and somebody still to this day, even though he’s not in the WWE at the moment, who gives me a lot of advice. We’re constantly texting and calling each other. It’s been great to have a guy like that. I’ve been a fan of Chris since the mid-90s. He’s always been a great performer. To this day, when he’s around in the WWE he’s one of the very top, boven performers in the world. I’ve been very lucky to get a lot of advice from him. As soon as I do something right of do something wrong, he’ll let me know pretty quickly. I’m hopeful that in some point in the future he’ll be back in the WWE.
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