Hello, fellow WDC club people! This is an appreciation post for some of my personal favourite characters from various Disney animated movies. The characters in this artikel will be listed in alphabetical order, and they are all the ones whose Fanpop spots I've joined... so far! Of course, there are plenty of other Disney characters I adore too, but I guess I had to draw the line somewhere.

I might kom bij some meer fanclubs for Disney characters eventually, but when I do I probably won't bother to update this article. Not after I spent ages carefully organising the little graphics so that the colours go in a cycle and the characters are on alternating sides. I missed one character out and even had to redo 3 of the banners when I realised!

Also, as u will notice, I'm careless when it comes to who is and isn't officially included in certain merchandising line-ups. Because I live life dangerously like that.

So, without further ado...

Anna - Frozen (2013) - Favourite Disney Princess

As a kid, it always kind of got on my nerves how few animated female characters were awkward, undignified, and responsible for a lot of comedy. There were some, but u really had to know where to look. What really bugged me was the way my peers would tell me I was "being a girl wrong" for not being graceful enough of for laughing at immature jokes. Man, I wish Anna had been around when I was younger - I love that such a mainstream media company came up with such a fun and silly female character! Who happens to be royalty. Awesome.

Dory - Finding Nemo (2003) - Favourite Pixar character

Oh my gosh, this vis is so funny! I remember her being immensely populair among schoolfriends and neighbours when Finding Nemo was first released, and what was really refreshing was that I don't remember any complaints about her being annoying of gimmicky. It's rare to find a character that can be really entertaining to such a wide crowd of people, and while I have to admit that Pixar have created many, many charming characters throughout the years, so far none of them beat Dory for me!

Judy Hopps - Zootopia (2016) - Favourite Disney character...? Maybe!!!?

What's this? Have I actually decided on a favourite Disney character after all these years? I guess time will tell. Anyway, if I ever were to settle on an absolute favourite, I can see Judy fitting the bill. A character with depth and development who makes mistakes, learns from them, and really carries the story. I love her friendship with Nick; the two of them have funny moments, intense moments, heartwarming moments, and moments that can be any combination of the three! I also love how I can relate to Judy in some ways, however, in other ways I see her as a role model and she has some traits I only wish I had. There's a lot I love about her and, the way things are right now, I probably consider her to be my favourite character from the Walt Disney company so far.

Kristoff - Frozen (2013) - Favourite Disney Prince

I didn't really know what Kristoff's personality of role in the film would be like until I saw it for myself. The advertising never really focused on him, and all the people that saw Frozen long before I did only really talked about Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. But since seeing it for myself, Kristoff has been one of the characters I've thought about the most (plus I think he's one of the most quotable characters in the film too!) and I love him! I think part of the reason I have a soft spot for him is because I can relate to him in quite a few ways, but mostly I like him as the "entertaining sane man" role he takes on for the majority of the movie.

Lady - Lady and the Tramp (1955) - Favourite character from one of my favourite movies

Such an adorable dog! I've always had a soft spot for Disney's animal characters, but what I especially love about Lady is that she is an excellent combination of two somewhat different personality types. As she grows up, she develops some graceful and dignified mannerisms, but she never lets go of her youthful, puppy-like traits either. I kind of see her as a mix between Pongo and Perdita from 101 Dalmatians; in this, Pongo is the fun-loving adult who can act like a big kid at times, whereas Perdita is quite disciplined and even when she worries she tries to come across as calm and collected. Lady seems to have both of these sides intact and quite prominent in her character too. I think she's quite a realistic portrayal of what dogs (or a lot of domesticated animals, for that matter) are often like.

Nala - The Lion King (1994) - seconde favourite character from favourite movie

I believe Nala was my favourite character from The Lion King when I was younger, but hey, still love her very much! She's a fun-loving, active little cub who grows up into a determined, pro-active leeuwin who looks for a way to save the pride. I love how self-confident and sassy she is as a kid, and the way she loves a bit of rough and tumble. But I also love her common sense as an adult and, even more, the way she will just come out and say what we'd all be thinking but wouldn't have the guts to say ourselves! Nala is one tough kitty.

Nuka - The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (1998) - Favourite Disney Sequel character

I'm not too knowledgable on sequels. I rarely bother with them. I looked vooruit, voorwaarts to The Lion King 2 though because I loved the original so much. I consider Simba's daughter Kiara and her forbidden love interest Kovu to be my first OTP, but when it comes to individual characters, Nuka is my favourite of those introduced in the sequel. I find him very interesting but also entertaining. He's totally wacky and completely neurotic, so I guess I can relate to him too!

Simba - The Lion King (1994) - Third favourite character and the protagonist from favourite movie

How could I have not loved Simba? The Disney movie I love the most is about his life, his character development, and his adventures. Simba's an exciting character who goes through a lot during the events of the film. I expect most viewers will be able to relate to him at some point in the movie considering he goes through so much. I love his attitude and his sense of adventure as a kid, the way he deals with life complications in a realistic way during his life, and how his character develops steadily and interestingly throughout the movie.

Thumper - Bambi (1942) - Favourite character from one of my favourite movies

Thumper's a special one to me because I named my very first pet after him. A character with a bit of sentimental value! To add to that, he is my favourite character from the very first Disney movie I ever saw. I was three years old and wouldn't have understood any of it if it hadn't been for my mum providing commentary throughout the whole thing, describing to me what all the characters were doing and what was going on. Thumper is such an adorable and cheeky rabbit, with a sarcastic edge and a habit of speaking his mind. I think he is the best defined character in the movie.

Timon - The Lion King (1994) - Favourite character from favourite movie

This fast-talking, self-centered, self-confident little meerkat was not quite my favourite Lion King character when I was a kid; instead I think he grew on me meer in my early teens. I love his attitude, the way he panics from time to time, and how he thinks so highly of himself and constantly overlooks his best pal's intelligence. He can be so obnoxious at times, which makes him all the meer entertaining to me.

Vitani - The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (1998) - seconde favourite Disney Sequel character

Not as prominent a character as Nuka, but I do love Vitani. She is quite well defined for such a minor role, although I still wish we knew a bit meer about her. I mostly love her relationship with her big brother Nuka throughout the movie, but I also have always enjoyed her snarky attitude and... slightly deranged side.

Zazu - The Lion King (1994) - Fourth favourite character from favourite movie

I was obsessed with Zazu as a kid. He's not really one of the most populair of talked about Lion King characters, but he stood out to me when I first saw the movie. Maybe it was because he's so prone to slapstick injuries and other fun, cartoony antics, maybe it was his comically serious side I enjoyed so much, of maybe it was a mix of those two things put together. Probably helps that he was voiced door Mr boon - uh - Rowan Atkinson. But whatever it was, I thought he was great back then, and I still do now.

Well, I think that's about it for now. Hope I haven't missed anyone out. Thanks for reading!