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Walt Disney Characters ★ Disney Character of the maand - Do u think Princess Ariel knew how to write (more than just her name)? ★

47 fans picked:
★ No, I don't think she knew how to write ★
★ Yes, I think she knew how to write ★
★ I don't really know... ★
 PrueFever posted ·5 maanden geleden
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sunnyfields picked ★ Yes, I think she knew how to write ★:
I would think that since she was brought up in a royal family that she would be given the best education available, so I would believe she knew how to write, but she didn't write while on land, so in that way I am not certain.

Maybe when Ursula took her voice, she also took her ability to write because people say that writing allows to people to get their voices heard. In this way, writing could be included with taking her voice.
posted ·5 maanden geleden.
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disnerdtobe picked ★ Yes, I think she knew how to write ★:
she's royalty. maybe she doesn't know how to write in human language or couldn't get a pen or paper.
posted ·5 maanden geleden.
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Sparklefairy375 picked ★ I don't really know... ★:
Not really sure, I doubt sea creatures know things such as read or write :/
posted ·5 maanden geleden.