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(WarriorsFan98) Rowanstar- Young Gray Tabby Tom. Piercing yellow eyes. White stomach. Scar on his left flank. (mate: Snowwhispers)


(smartone123) Fightheart -brown tabby she-cat with green eyes (mate: Thunderfoot)

Medicine Cat:

(Willowwhisper) Willowwhisper- A light brown she-cat with white toes and a black muzzle
Medicine Cat Apprentice:

(BellatrixCissy) Lightpaw- black she-cat with white tail tip green eyes

(Gamer4Life97) Thunderfoot- Black Tom; front left paw is white; dark yellow eyes

(Sandfire_Paiger) Sandfire- Ginger she-cat with white underbelly, legs, and muzzle. White tipeed tail. Light ginger tabby stripes on ginger parts. Sun-drown place blue eyes(ocean blue).

(Feathershine) Bristleclaw- dark Ginger tabby Tom with amber eyes and scar on his muzzle

(TeamPeeta649) Fierceblaze- Redish-orange tom with blazing gold eyes

(TeamPeeta649) Darkfang- Black she-cat with a dark grey chest, paws, and muzzle with smokey grey eyes

(Dawnmist) Dawnmist- Creamy brown she-cat with a darker belly, paws, and face with dark emerald-green eyes

(Fightheart) Cloudlight- A pretty pure white long hair she cat with a blue eye and a purple eye

(moviefreak12) Shadowclaw- Greyish-black tabby tom, with dark blue eyes

(WarriorsCats) Sunfish- A pretty, silky furred dappled ginger she cat with cream underbelly, muzzle and striking blue-green-gray eyes

(Bluestars14) Redwillow- Reddish-brown she-cat with blue eyes

(theWOLFPACK15) Tigerpelt - Reddish-brown tabby tom with green eyes (Apprentice- Oakpaw)

(Vixentail) Shallowwater - Pale gray she-cat with white chest patch, green eyes

(Gamer4Life97) Reggie - Skinny ashy tom with white underbelly with sky blue eyes, former rouge

(theWOLFPACK15) Mousewhisker - Scrawny Grey and white tom with icy blue eyes

(WarriorsFan98) Runningstone - Light Gray Tabby-Tom with deep amber eyes

(smartone123) Violetshine - Black and silvery she cat with blue eyes

(BubbleBruschi) Pebblefrost - pretty dark gray dappled she-cat with dark green eyes

(Spottedtail139) Shycloud- Pretty black she-cat with white spots that look like clouds, glowing emerald eyes.


(theWOLFPACK15) Featherpaw- Pretty silver tabby she-cat with striking blue eyes

(MewMewSecrets) Silverpaw- Pretty silver pelt, with light brown markings on her forehead, and aqua blue eyes.

(Squrrielstar) Stormpaw- Silver tabby cat with deep, blue eyes

(Smartone123) Razzlepaw- Pretty long haired red/brown she cat with pine green eyes

(Dawnmist) Fangpaw- Pale white tom with grey stripes and long fangs with brown eyes

(Dawnmist) Daisypaw- Dark ginger she-cat with blue eyes

(Dawnmist) Darkpaw- Jet black she-cat with enormous emerald green eyes

(Spottedwind) Birdpaw- Black she-cat with amber eyes and a brown chest, with brown tail tip

(Spottedwind) Oakpaw- Red-brown Tom with glowing green eyes

(Answer) Heatherpaw- Light brown she-cat with green eyes

(Bluestars14) Shudderpaw- Gray she-cat with blue eyes


(Bluefire7777) Prairiedog- golden colored she-cat with small grey patches and green eyes

(WarriorsCats) Snowwhispers- White she cat with leopard like splotches. (Soon to be) Mother of Rowanstar's kits.

(Smartone123)Fightheart (Still active deputy)- -brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. Mother of Thunderfoot's kits.


(Smartone123) Saga- Very skinny, moderately old reddish-brown ragged tom with slit ear and green eyes.


(Prariedog's) Maizekit- golden and black tabby tom with green eyes

(Prariedog's) Smokekit- grey and white patched tom with amber eyes

(Prariedog's) Pastelkit- pale colored tortoisehell she-cat with pastel colored eyes

(Spottedwind's) Stormkit: a dark gray Tom with blue eyes

(Spottedwind's) Lightningkit: a black tabby she-cat with yellow stripes and amber eyes

(Spottedwind's) Mistykit: pretty light gray she-cat with light blue eyes and one lighter paw

(Parent Unknown- RP'd by Smartone123) Flowkit- Silvery grey she cat-with pale gray eyes

(Fightheart's) Lillykit- gray she cat with green eyes

(Fightheart's) Bravekit- a brown tabby tom with green eyes

-Description of Clan: Located near Mothermouth just beyond Barley's farm. Recently, a bad curse swept through the Clan, killing everyone but the leader, who has never forgotten the day when his friends and family died. The clearing has half shade half sun cover. Great for Leafbare and Greenleaf. Leaders den is connected to Elder's den. Warriors and Apprentices share one den but a crude fern wall seperates the den. Medicine Cat den is in the best location, right on the grass at the edge of the clearing. All needed berries or herbs are directly behind the den. Nursery is close to medicine cat den. Training takes place in the large clearing in the middle of the camp. Above the leader's den there is a Highrock.-

Here's how you join:

Clan News:
Leaf-fall is quickly fading, bringing Leaf-bare to take its place. The weather is unusually colder for this time of year. It would probably be best to prepare the camp for the colder moons...



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( ): real life talk

MountainClan shares borders with PantherClan

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