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warriorpawsteps posted on Oct 18, 2009 at 06:27PM
I have hosted one of these for several years but only on this website called Horseland. Since they have change that website and I have grown out of it, I have decided to broaden my range of warrior lovers. This club has just opened so I need new people and warrior lovers. Please go to: link and follow the rules to join. The website is still being updated and is missing many features but please help me get started.

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een jaar geleden Whitefeather said…
wow! great website! I can help with the names, you can go on wariorcats.com and use the name genorator. And, some of the names I use, are Whitefeather and Spottedfire. Good luck! :D
een jaar geleden Vixentail said…
those sound nice! i make my own names by writing two columns, one for the first part the other for ending. then i put together what sounds right and isnt used. you can make some good names like that.