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Shadepool101 posted on Jun 19, 2010 at 12:07PM
So I was on some warriors site where you could read letters sent by fans to erin and i stumbled across one that caught my attention:
it started like, why did you kill my favoret cat, Hollyleaf she was one of the 3 blah blah blah... and erin replyed with this,
She wasn't one of the 3 and did you see a body? thats not proof that she's alive but it could be but everyone just assumed she was dead! What if she got trapped in those tunnles and went to that place in the past Jayfeather went when he was down there? But the question still remanes...
is Hollyleaf DEAD or ALIVE?

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een jaar geleden 18wanda said…
*Wanted Dead or Alive plays in the background* I wish I knew. I want her dead because she was so annoying. Warrior code this and warrior code that.
een jaar geleden Dovemoon said…
If you read the prolouge of Fourth Apprentice it says , " If we had interfered more Hollyleaf might not have been LOST."

Soooooo that maybe means that Hollyleaf might have been losted to the dark side. (bum, bum, baaaa) BUT Feathertail also said, "I GRIEVE for Hollyleaf as much as you do........" So she could have died in the tunnels and went to the Dark Forest, OR she just lost her way.......it's one of those split roads and you just dont know whitch one to choose. They might say something about Hollyleaf in " Night Whisperers".Soooo just to sum it up......idk.. and it could be either. =)