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Scarlaw1 posted on Jul 02, 2010 at 08:20PM
I want to hear everyone's favorite warrior or medicene cat (apprentices count, too!) send me a message please!

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een jaar geleden Such-A-Fan said…
Well I really like Squirrelflight! She is very cool:)
een jaar geleden Rainsky57 said…
een jaar geleden BladeStorm said…
hmmmmm.......tigerclaw, ya i know evil,evil,evil tigerclaw. but strong! powerfull! smart!
een jaar geleden Puffedwarrior said…
Jayfeather! And Hollyleaf ^^
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een jaar geleden lucylkbm said…
thats my life
een jaar geleden Fairstepshaven said…
um... Blackstar
een jaar geleden pinkyparty9 said…
Bluestar cherrytail brackenfur leafpool spottedleaf firestar and silverstream
een jaar geleden Invader_Moss said…
Leader: Leopardstar
Deputy: Mistyfoot
Med. Cat: Mothwing
Apprentice: Willowpaw (currently Willowshine)
Kit: Mosskit

Is it because they're all in RiverClan? Except Mosskit. He was part RiverClan, but never did he get there. His life was tooo short. :(
een jaar geleden wc4ever said…
Leader: Bluestar
Deputy: Stonefur
Med. Cat: Jayfeather
MCA: Frecklewish (SkyClan)
Apprentice: Heatherpaw (Don't like her as a warrior)
Kit: Mosskit
een jaar geleden prim17luvr101 said…
big smile
fav leader: idk Leopardstar
deputy: Mistyfoot
Med cats: Cinderpelt & Leafpool
Med cat apps: Jayfeather & Willowshine
Warrior: Squirrelflight :D
App: i don't really remember any
Kit: still don't remember ^.^
een jaar geleden negaman said…
Leader: scourge Deputy: fire heart(fireheart is better than firestar) Med. Cat: jaythether Apprentice: ivypaw