Warriors (Novel Series) Making a new book! Do u want your cat to be in it?

WarriorsCats posted on Feb 02, 2011 at 06:14PM
Okay i have some characters already. I need:
Leadersx 4
Med catsx 3
Warriorsx alot!
Apprenticesx 13
Kitsx 11
Queensx 4
Eldersx 7
Deputiesx 3

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een jaar geleden WarriorsCats said…
big smile
All ideas are welcome! I will tell you who i will choose!
een jaar geleden Spottedheart14 said…
big smile
hi! ok, so here it is:

Mintleaf-medicine cat

een jaar geleden WarriorsCats said…
kk thxz
een jaar geleden Larksong said…
here are some:
Graysky- queen
Rainpool- warrior
Moonshadow- deputy
Lightfire- elder

een jaar geleden serperiorgrl6 said…
Here are some
Sweetleaf-med cat
een jaar geleden sunnykinz5 said…
here are some-
een jaar geleden Frostfire-5854 said…
I'm not a cat. I'm a wolf. If U'd like to use me anyway, I'm Frostfire, leader of Icepack. U can check me out at Frostfire - The Wolf Pack. (on fanpop)
een jaar geleden wildpath said…
wildpath warrior
een jaar geleden purpledemigod said…
Hey. If you still need some, here they are!

Bubbleblaze - light gray tom with light blue eyes- warrior
Herringsplash - silver tabby tom with black stripes - medicine cat
Spottedfeather - tortoiseshell she-cat with white paws - warrior
Brambletail - white tom with brownish amber eyes - warrior
Brackenwing - white she-cat with amber eyes - queen
Amberkit - ginger she-kit of Brackenwing
Snowkit - white she-kit with gray paws of Brackenwing
Twigtail - light brown tabby tom - deputy
Stormfall - gray tabby tom with white-tipped tail - warrior
Thornpaw - brown tabby she-cat - apprentice
Beetlepaw - grayish brown tabby tom - apprentice
Breezepaw - black she-cat with green eyes
Streamwing - long-furred blue-gray and white she-cat - elder
Smokefur - long-furred tom with patchy gray fur - elder
Birchflight - brown tabby with yellow-green eyes - elder
Dawnberry - ginger she-cat - pregnant queen
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een jaar geleden Feathershine said…
Your probaly done but
Feathershne(queens)-fluffy silver-and-white she-cat with dark blue eyes
Dovekit: silver see-cat with white patches and blue eyes
Toadkit: black-and-white tabby Tom with green eyes

Petalfall: dark tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes
Hollyheart: dark tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes(sisters)
een jaar geleden Feathershine said…
Oh and
Black she-cat with golden streaks that ripple all along pelt with amber eyes
een jaar geleden ocarinaman7 said…
If you still need some
Adderflash: Warrior that got his name by killing an adder with great speed when he was an apprentice

Hollyflower: Warrior she-cat that Adderflash has a huge crush on
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