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This Warriors (Novel Series) foto might contain tom, kater, kat, ware kat, waar kat, katje, pot, kitten, and kitty.

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Well, I was at the bookstore, completely bored outta' my own skull, boredly browsing the shelves for anything interesting. Then, a picture of a little oranje cat caught the corner of my eye, and I bent down to the lower shelf I'd seen it on and looked. There it was...A complete collection of a series about cats. I read the first couple of pages, to make sure it was a good book, and loved it automatically. I bought EVERY book in the first series in ONE day. It costed a hell of a lotta' money, but did I care? StarClan no! In about three days, I was already on brand and Ice, (and almost finished.)...
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Look at youube!!!
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Moonlight shined overhead as the two toms talked quietly their heads close together. One was a golden tabby, the other was smaller with light grey fur.
The golden tom flicked his ear "Have StarClan told u anything that could help us?"
The grey tom's tail lashed in anger "StarClan have spoken to me, but what they say won't help at all. They think that each clan must stand alone if they are to survive. They don't see that the only way to survive this is if all the clans work together."
The other blinked in surprize, "Surely StarClan knows what's best, though. Maybe they're right."
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My dad let me use his 2.6 movie maker......i geuss it was better then my peice of junk......ok, this is about Scourge and...ya.
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warrior cats video
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