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 cats fighting
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SpottedFire25's video.
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Leader: Waterstar- gray she-cat with black stripes and aqua blue-gray eyes
Deputy: Twinklesky- black she-cat with white dapples and yellow eyes
Medicine cat: Frozenberry- white she-cat with red-ginger spots

WARRIORS(Toms of she-cats without kits)
Lionleap: ginger Tom with brown paws and tail tip;Bright green eyes
Darkgaze: white Tom with black circles on his body and around his blue eyes
Stormsong: white she-cat with gray muziek notes on her; Yellow eyes
Sorrelfeather: white she-cat with yellow orange, and red feather shapes and yellow eyes
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"what is it, Warrior?" StarKit asked with worry. "do u know who RubyFeather is?" Raveneye asked the Kitten with a fearful glare. "no." she answered with confusion. "you carry her scent." he explained. Starkits eyes widened with excitement. "how strongly?" she asked immediately. "strong enough for u to be her kit." he admitted. "WHERE IS SHE!?!?": she demanded, jumping up and down. RavenEye smiled at the thought of finally finding her Kit. it was his too. but then he thought about what a burden it would be to Lithium. she wasn't the Kit loving type.

"StarKit, get up here!" FireStars yowl...
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SoulClanWarrior 's video
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Source: she is very nice. she loves to play with kits and would fight for them
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Chapter 1:Meeting

Vinefeather, Ravenstripe, Boveheart, Poppyblaze are about to hav ther kits anytime now, Two screams come from Kaseclan and two from Greececlan the kits where born.

Spiritkit P.O.V

I'm Finally 2 moons old and so I went out with Soulkit and Nightkit my brothers I'm the only she kit in the nursery whitch I hate that. I stayed behind Nightkit and sneaked out of camp with out begging caught. I went to the Kaseclan boreded to find another kit there. "Hi I'm Rainkit of Kaseclan who are you?" The Tom asked. "I'm Spiritkit of Greececlan." I told him. "Nice to meet u Spiritkit."...
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