Werewolves THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!! if u truly love the wolves, u will read this!

GWENxTRENT posted on Jun 22, 2009 at 12:39AM
please help us!
sarah palin, the most fuckin stupidest bitch in the world says KILLING WOLVES IN ALASKA IS LEGALL!!! please help us help the woves!

the spot: link

help us save the wolves!
 please help us! sarah palin, the most fuckin stupidest teef in the world says KILLING WOLVES IN ALA

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een jaar geleden Dethklokrox90 said…
I love wolves!!!
I wanna save them!!!
Screw you Sarah Palin!!!
een jaar geleden EvaG said…
I want my werewolves to bring down her helicopter.
een jaar geleden AUSHEDGEHOG said…
Ca9s rule save them!!!!!
een jaar geleden BigBadBB said…
That is messed up.
een jaar geleden bookchicky said…
let her try so we can hunt the b*#!h like a wild amimal
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een jaar geleden grimlin said…
(cant cuss) stupid freakin sarah palin i despise her wolves are the best she could have just kept it to herself the stupid freakin republican son of a gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!
she is a total idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
een jaar geleden xgirl101 said…
Hey ya'll lets all go to Alaska and kill endangered species.. WTF is wrong with her
een jaar geleden SnapeOWNSedward said…
Um I like Sarah Palin, but I am 100% against hunting. And no I'm neither Republican, Christian, or White.
een jaar geleden HouseInDaHouse said…
That b+$%^. And I'm not even American.
een jaar geleden iamawesome77 said…
I love wolves. Hunting them is wrong. If you just stay out of the woods yelling kill me now they won't bother you.
een jaar geleden RiverIce said…
My fave animal in the world in wolves!!!
een jaar geleden thunderwolf233 said…
(clears thoat) I hate her, but im republican christian and white, so...SAVE THE WOLVES!!!