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I would just like to say a little bit on Werewolves.
I am proud to say that I have been a Werewolf-fanatic for my entire life, and nothing makes me feel meer at home pagina then that topic. All my life, I have heard every piece of garbage on werewolves that there is out there, and it's a little bit upsetting.

The one thing that really strikes me as odd, is that the book Twilight (and the following boeken in the Saga) door Stephenie Meyer relates to the Real werewolves, that exist in our history as Man.

But what strikes me as odd, is the fact that the Legends in her books, were Real legends to begin with....
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posted by Snowywerewolf
Well here we go again.Only a little info this time.
The site has been developed keeping u in mind. Easy navigational linken are always with u wherever u go. Larger font with enough space is for your easy on-screen reading. Moreover, important points are highlighted for quick scanning of the materials. u will also find printer friendly version of each pages.

Some information on this web page has been quoted from the Time-Life Book titled Transformation. u will find details of the book on Reference page.

This site is only the starting point of a long journey. If u like to kom bij in, u are most welcome. Your contributions will definitely enrich this site; all worthy contributions will be updated on readers commentaren page. Feel free to drop any suggestion, observations of contribution through the feedback form. And don't forget to put up your commentaren on message board for open discussion.
posted by Snowywerewolf
Please I try to get u the best werewolf info I can get!It takes so much thinking.(sigh)
So, what actually is werewolf of lycanthropy? Is it a fact based on concrete evidences? Is it a myth, fabrication of feeble minds? Is it an exaggeration of some other things? Well, all these vragen have been puzzling mankind for last 5 centuries. Though many ingenious hypotheses have been suggested as possible explanations, definite conclusion can't be drawn. Some experts have tried to observe it as purely supernatural phenomena while others have relied on scientific observations. Contradictions and debates still persist and will continue till any single theory solves the jigsaw which seems unlikely considering complexity and diversity of the topic. Nonetheless, the werewolf phenomenon has not perished yet; recent werewolf sightings are still reported.
posted by Snowywerewolf
I haven't done this in a while so i'll give it my best shot!
A werewolf of werwolf, also known as a lycanthrope (from the Greek λυκάνθρωπος: λύκος, lukos, "wolf", and άνθρωπος, anthrōpos, man), is a mythological of folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf of an anthropomorphic wolf-like creature, either purposely, door being bitten of scratched door another werewolf, of after being placed under a curse. This transformation is often associated with the appearance of the full moon, as popularly noted door the medieval chronicler Gervase of Tilbury, and perhaps...
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posted by sickla
it happened when i didnt expect it. it all started one beatiful night. the milky way was clear and i was ster gazing. then a fairy thing showed up and said: now that the first one has died it is time i must curse one just as kind. u shall begin a life of horrors at the time of an attack on the moors. 12 o,clock midnight the volgende full moon, it shall come. dont try to run theres no escape. she disapeared into thin air. i took this warning with fear because i knew what she was: a night fairy. she came to warn people of horrors that that would happen. i had to figure out what it was of it would...
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News clip about a new type of clique...
san antonio
When I woke up, I was drugged; the grogginess pulsed in my veins. It was hard to verplaats already, but even worse so because of the fact that my wrists were strapped with steel clasps. I slid my eyes slowly over to the scene before me: a vampire, standing behind a podium, and two people in back of him. The vampire was looking at me curiously, as if trying to decide whether it was okay to talk in the state I was in. I looked back at the two figures, and my body went cold at the sight.
Jess was there, his eyes stroking over me with fear. Those flashing blue eyes were too pale against his skin, which...
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posted by summerfrog
notesI don't have a name for the story yet...
my quote marks on my keyboard don't work so I use { }<--instead
the time period is the rennessonce time(?)
the point of view changes alot

narrator POV
Zane Caldwell entered the ball room waring a simple black suit. he had no interest in being there at all and he was only there out of cutesy not knowing it would change his life.

Zane POV
I was at possibly the biggest and most extravagant party I had ever been to. There was beautiful women dressed in brightly colored dresses and tight corsets. All the men were wearing formal suits and tuxedos. Also...
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added by Snake-Eye
Directed door Anthony Hickox. Starring Mario busje, van Peebles and Bruce Payne, the story is set in Los Angeles where the police department has assembled a unique squad of officers who possess the ability to turn into werewolves.
full eclipse
Cast: Nina Dobrev, Kevin Sorbo, Peter Stebbings. Loren is a slayer and is ready for a full-moon showdown against an immortal creature with insatiable bloodlust, with the help of local TV hunting toon personality Redd Tucker and a delivery boy.
never cry werewolf
added by sapherequeen
The army versus a pack of werewolves :)
full movie
dog soldiers
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Directed door Michael Wadleigh.
posted by GWENxTRENT
It wasn't a dream. I knew that for sure. Running as fast as I could, not stoping for a breath of a drink at the lake. Something of someone kept me running to my destination. Was it him? Was it that I was scared that they'd hurt him? Well what ever it was, it kept me going and going and going...

"ALISON!" a voice cried my name. "I'm coming." I zei to myself. Trees were a blur, and I could bearly see the ground. I could only feel my paws touch the floor. "Oh, I'm coming." 15 minuten later I got to my destiation. The gaveyard. And there he was. Trying to fend himself from my kind. I felt so sorry...
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One Night, Elli Was Burshing Her Long Red Hair,
She Begins Thinking About Van, She Breathes In &
Out, She Pull Her Dresser Open & Put On Her Pjs
She Put Her Hair In a pony Tail, She Lays Down On
Her bed & Falls Asleep, Then She Heard a Noise At
Her Window & Saw busje, van She Opens Her Window, He Crawled Inside, *Hi* She zei While Smiling, *Hi*
He zei Also Smiling At Her While Looking At Her
They Both Begin Talking About Where They're From
& She Sees a Long Scar On His Hand, She Became Very Concren, *What Happend To Your Hand?* She Ask
Him In Concren While Holding & Looking At His...
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Elli Begins Having a Dream Of Van, She Was Walking
Around The Graveyard & Saw busje, van Standing There With
His Yellow Eyes & She Feels veilig With Him, She Felt a Powerful Force On Her Body & She Went To busje, van & Starts Kissing Him On His Warm Lips, She Then Woke Up & Sees a Sun Shining Through Her Windows, She Put On Her Dark Blue Tan top, boven & Put On
Skinny Tight Blue Jeans & Went To School, While In
School, busje, van Followed Her There, He Watches Her Get
Angry At Her Female Bullies, She Had a Angry Girn
On Her Face, *Look Werewolves Do Exist!* She Yells
At Her Bullies *No They're Not,...
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posted by RATHBONE07
Snap..there was that sound again. The human was nearby, i could hear it, smell it. I could already taste it in my mouth, the blood spilling down my throut finally satisfing my stomach. I caught a glimps of red as i turned around fallowing the scent. There he was with a gun in his hand. He was hunting just like me. Only he was hunting something meer tinnier and less appitising. I felt sorry for him, just a little. But this was the cirkel of life. He kills a deer i kill him. But then who would kill me? Nobady that was the answer. I was everybodys worst nightmare. Everybody feared me, i thought as i struggled vooruit, voorwaarts and grabbed the man door the waist. he turned in my arms and shot me in the chest. With silver bullets. He wasnt hunting deer. He was hunting me...
posted by RATHBONE07
I looked around. I knew nobady on this stinky bus, but somehow i felt right at home. As if running away from all my problems and troubles was a solution. But deep down i knew that this would hurt in the future. I had left my family, my friends, my loving boyfriend Eric. But this was all for their own good. I didnt belong in their world. I was a monster that would and could never be tamed. So as i sad volgende to that fat old man, with the ketchup stain on his shirt, a big grin swept across my face. Because eventhough i didnt know where i was going, i could tell i was right at home. Where no one knew who i was, and i could finally start all over.
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Not your typical werewolf movie but I love anyway.
blood & chocolate