Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Song: link
The cirkel comes in from the right. When it stops, a bolt of lightning appears, followed door the name, WindWakerGuy430

Before we get to the part that takes place in Equestria, we are going to look at a new character in this series. Wind. He is currently in Hyrule, and the king wants to talk to him.

Wind: *Standing in front of the king*
King: *Sitting in his chair* u sir, are the worst person in this entire kingdom.
Wind: Do I look like Ganondorf to you?
King: You're worse than Ganondorf! You've only been here for two days, u killed five of the guards, and u don't even like Zelda!
Zelda: *Sitting volgende to the king*
Wind: Well, what is there to like about her? She's very unattractive.
King: How dare you! She is very attractive!
Zelda: *Farts*
Wind: u call that attractive?! I'm out of here! *Walks away*
King: u have nowhere to go Wind.
Wind: Bullshit u asshole. *Starts going up a spiral case of stairs*

Song: link

Wind: I have a teleporter I've been working on with some fairies. It was worth a lot of rupees, but I'm glad I'll be leaving this shithole for good.

Going upstairs would take a long time. Wind was currently on the seconde floor, and the teleporter he got is on the 70th floor.

Wind: *As he walks upstairs, he passes lots of moss on the walls, some broken windows, and cobwebs*

SeanTheHedgehog & Windwakerguy430 Present

The Incredible Hedgehog In Ponyville 2

Wind: *On the 11th floor* What the hell do people leave here?
8-Bit Link: *In a room with a door open*
CDI Link: *Holding a hamburger, not knowing what to do with it* Huh?
Gwonam: *On his carpet* Your majesty.
Wind: *Passes him* Shut up. *Continues walking to the 70th floor* I didn't think any other people would be up here.

Starring Wind and Master Sword from Windwakerguy430

CDI Ganon: *Standing in front of Wind* kom bij me Link-
Wind: He's downstairs. *Pushes Ganon downstairs*
Ganon: *Lands volgende to CDI Link*
Link: *Looks at Ganon* What happened?
Wind: *On the 30th floor*

Also starring Sean The Hedgehog and regenboog Dash

Tetra: Would u like to buy a Wii for 3,000 rupees?
Wind: Fuck no. *Continues walking* I can see why no one goes through this section of the castle. Good thing I put my teleporter at the top.

Also starring Doctor Eggman

Wind: *On the 40th floor*
CDI Zelda: *Sees a bird flying above her, and swings her sword, missing the bird* Got him.
Wind: *Shakes his head in disapproval* Retard.

And featuring Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and appeldrank, applejack

Tingle: *Falls from the ceiling, and follows Wind*
Wind: Fuck no!! *Gets his sword, and stabs Tingle*
Tingle: *Falls down the stairs*
CDI Zelda: *Swings her sword at Tingle, but misses* Got him. *Hits herself in the leg, and falls down with him*
CDI Link: *Staring at Ganon with a blank expression*
CDI Zelda: *Lands on Ganon, and Tingle lands on top, boven of her*
Wind: *Continues walking to the 70th floor. He is currently on floor 59*
Morshu: *On floor 65, working on a clock. He is looking inside, watching the gear run to make sure everything does what it's supposed to do*
Wind: *Continues walking, but stops when he sees Morshu* Not this guy.
Morshu: Lamp oil. Rope. Bombs. u want it? *Holding bombs* It's yours my friend, as long as u DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!!!!!!!!!! *Throws two bombs*
Wind: *Kicks them back to Morshu*
Morshu: *Dies*
Wind: *Continues walking* I wonder what'll happen to this place after I leave. They might resort to cannibalism, and eat each other. Too bad I won't be sticking around to see that.
CDI King: *On floor 69 with CDI Mario* I wonder what's for dinner.
CDI Mario: Toast.
Wind: *Walks past them* Now I really want to leave this place. *Makes it to his teleporter* Let's make sure everything is in place before I try this.

The teleporter was just a cirkel carpet with a stick sticking out of it.

Wind: Yes, everything seems to be in order. *Stands on the carpet, and grabs the stick. On the stick is a screen with names of places for Wind to teleport to*
Teleporter: Where would u like to go?
Wind: *Looks at Earth, paddestoel Kingdom, Los Santos, and Equestria* Equestria sounds interesting. Let's check that out. *Taps Equestria*

Lightning started to surround Wind as it came from the carpet. Three claps of thunder came from the lightning, and Wind vanished.

Now, the rest of this story will take place in Equestria

Nazis: *Driving three truck on a road that goes along a cliff*
Sean: *Chasing the truck with his Corvette*
regenboog Dash: *Driving her Challenger behind Sean*
Sean: Let's see what Tails did to our cars. *Hits a button*

The headlights popped up, and machine guns were fired from inside the headlights

Nazis: *Getting shot. One truck falls off the cliff*
regenboog Dash: My turn. *Hits a button, and grenade launchers appear on the front wheels*
Nazis: Was ist das?
regenboog Dash: *Shoots two grenades, and blows up the trucks*
Sean: *Laughing* Nice one Dash. The enemy barracks should be half a mile ahead of us.
Wind: *Teleports in the middle of the road, and looks around* Interesting.
Sean: *Sees Wind, and hits the brakes*
regenboog Dash: *Stops her car*
Sean: *Stops* Dammit. We got a civilian blocking the road.
Wind: *Looks into Sean's car* Excuse me, I nearly died thanks to you, and your machine. What is it anyway?
Sean: This is a Corvette, and if you're so concerned about getting run over, maybe u should stay off the street.
Wind: I just teleported here. *Shows him the teleporter* See this thing?
Sean: Where did u come from?
Wind: None of your business, I'm going into town. *Walks away*
regenboog Dash: Do u even know where to go?
Wind: I'll find out on my own, u continue driving your Corvettes.
regenboog Dash: My car is a Challenger. Sean's the one with the Corvette.
Wind: I don't give a fuck. Go back to whatever it was u were doing.
Sean: *Sarcastic* Well, he seemed bright.
regenboog Dash: *Also sarcastic* And cheerful.
Sean: Let's continue our mission. We need to get Eggman's army out of here.

They drove off, heading towards the barracks they were going to attack.

Wind: *In Ponyville* Looks like everyone here is a talking horse.
Lyra: Whoa, check it out Bonbon, a human! *Runs towards Wind*
Wind: Hey, take it easy. *Backs away from Lyra* Does everyone act as hyper as you?
Lyra: It talks too!!
Wind: Of course I talk.
Bonbon: u must be from a different world. Humans don't talk here.
Wind: Oh, I see. In this world, horses act like humans, and vice versa.
Lyra: Yes.
Bonbon: Where did u come from?
Wind: Hyrule. A shitty place, don't ever go there.
Lyra: *Looks at the teleporter* Whoa! *Takes it*
Wind: Hey!
Lyra: This is cool! What is it?
Wind: That's none of your business! It's mine!
Lyra: *Breaks it* Oops.
Wind: That's it. *Gets his sword* I want u to leave me alone now!
Twilight: *Arrives* Yo, what the fuck is this shit man?!
Bonbon: Oh, Twilight. u still have that voice Celestia gave you.
Twilight: No shit. Now what's going on here?!?
Wind: These two won't leave me alone, so I'm threatening them.
Twilight: Is this a dream?
Wind: No, I'm a talking human. Deal with it.
Twilight: Where do u live man?
Wind: So far, nowhere.
Twilight: Would u like to live at my castle?
Wind: u have a castle?
Twilight: Yes.
Wind: One question. What is your personality?
Twilight: Man, what does that have to do with anything? u living with me of not?
Wind: No thanks, I'm going to find a place to live door myself.
Twilight: Fuck u man, I ain't takin' no for an answer. *Uses magic to carry Wind*
Wind: Hey! What is this?! Help!!! I'm being abducted door a witch!!!
Ponies: *Confused*
Twilight: *Flies away with Wind*
Wind: This is witchcraft!!!!!!!! Burn her!!!!!!!!

Sean and regenboog Dash stopped their cars outside of the barracks they were going to destroy.

Sean: *Using an MK46, and a Smith & Wesson 500*
regenboog Dash: *Gets out a Striker Shotgun* Let's do this.
Sean: Okay. There's just one meer thing we need. *Opens the romp, kofferbak of his car, and grabs a backpack* Time bombs.
regenboog Dash: u must have a lot in there.
Sean: Enough to destroy a building three times the size of this one. Let's go. *Walks towards the door. It's locked, so he breaks it down with his machine gun*

Song: link

Sean: *Goes in with regenboog Dash*
Nazis: *Coming from the right*
regenboog Dash: *Shoots them with her shotgun*
Sean: *Goes into a room, and shoots everyone inside*
regenboog Dash: *Moves forward*
Sean: *Behind regenboog Dash*

The hallway up ahead ended, and there were only two ways to go. Left, of right.

Sean: *Signals regenboog Dash to go right, as he goes left*
regenboog Dash: *Goes right, and shoots a Nazi*
Nazi: Ahh! *Dies*
Sean: *Takes cover behind a box, and shoots two Nazis*

They continued, and met each other at the start of another hallway.

Sean: Looks like we walked around a square.
regenboog Dash: Least we're not walking in circles.
Sean: *Moves forward*
regenboog Dash: *Follows Sean* What is it we're looking for?
Sean: The weapon room. There should be lots of explosives.
regenboog Dash: Now I see what the bombs are for.
Nazis: *Get in front of them, and start shooting*
Sean: Get back, use the walls for cover! *Runs back to the start of the hallway*
regenboog Dash: *Flies above Sean*

They made it, nearly getting shot during the process.

Sean: Cover me. I'll take them down. *Shoots down all of the Nazis in front of them*
Nazi: *Appears in front of regenboog Dash* Halt!
regenboog Dash: *Shoots him*
Sean: Good work. verplaats up.

They made it into the weapon's room.

Sean: *Looks at six fuel tanks volgende to each other* If any of Eggman's soldiers come in here, shoot them.
*Goes to the fuel tanks*
regenboog Dash: *Watching the door*
Sean: *Leaves the backpack on the ground, only taking out one bomb. He sets it to 3 minutes* The rest of the bombs will explode once this gets set off. *Runs to regenboog Dash* Let's get out of here. Fly to the entrance as fast as u can. Don't stop for anything until u get to your car. I'll meet u there.
regenboog Dash: Roger. *Flies back to her car*
Sean: *Grabs his chaos emerald* Chaos control. *Teleports between his car, and regenboog Dash's*
regenboog Dash: *Arrives*
Sean: Let's get out of here.

They got into their cars, and drove off. 2 minuten and 45 seconden later, the barracks were destroyed door the bombs.

Stop the song

Eggman was in Mobius when he heard about one of his barracks being destroyed door Sean and regenboog Dash.

Eggman: Those two! They are destroying everything we set up in Equestria! They're not alone either. They've created their own army called the pony Alliance.
Nazi: What do u want us to do mien führer?
Eggman: My name is Eggman, not mien führer.
Nazi: That is German for my leader. u are our leader.
Eggman: I want u to call me Doctor Eggman from now on, of just Doctor.
Nazi: Yes doctor. What do u want us to do?
Eggman: Make meer tanks, and airplanes. We will hit them so hard, that they will surrender to us in half a minute.
Nazi: We will do that now. *Salutes* Heil Eggman.

Meanwhile, Twilight was with Wind in her castle.

Twilight: Nigga this is my place, and u ain't leavin!
Wind: Why are u keeping me here?
Twilight: Because u have nowhere to go man. Plus, how else is there going to be any Why Wind Shouldn't Visit Ponyville episodes?
Wind: What the fuck are u talking about?
Spike: *Arrives* Twilight, what's with the talking human?
Wind: *Looks at Spike* And what's with this ripoff of Yoshi?
Twilight: That's Spike, and he's a baby dragon.
Wind: Is he your slave?
Spike: A what?
Twilight: Man, what the fuck?!!?
Wind: I'll take that as a yes. So, if I'm staying with you, where am I going to sleep? Better yet, give me your bed, because u don't deserve it.

Twilight then kicked Wind out of the castle.

Wind: Thanks for your hospitality!! Asshole! *Remembers his teleporter* Oh crap!! She has my teleporter.
Sean: *Stops behind Wind in his car*
regenboog Dash: *Stops volgende to Sean*
Wind: Oh great, it's these two again.
Sean: Here we go again. *Gets out* Hello.
Wind: Well, I'm glad to see u two aren't trying to run me over.
Sean: And we're glad u decided to not kill yourself door standing in the middle of a road.
Wind: This place sucks. How do I get the fuck out of here?
regenboog Dash: What's so bad about this place?
Wind: Are u kidding me?
Sean: Things are just going off to a bad start for you, trust me. Why don't we go inside the castle?
Wind: I wouldn't do that if I were you.
regenboog Dash: Why not?
Wind: Twilight's an asshole.
Sean: Well she did try to rob Pinkie Pie.
regenboog Dash: But that was four months ago. She hasn't done anything bad since that.
Wind: She kicked me out of here because I want to sleep in her bed.
regenboog Dash: So, where are u going to live?
Wind: I have no idea.
Sean: My mansion is not a good idea. There's still a few parts I have to finish.
regenboog Dash: How close is it to being complete?
Sean: I just need to install a sink in the kitchen, build a couple of rooms on the seconde floor, and add meer tiles to the roof. Then, after I paint the entire thing, it'll be ready.
regenboog Dash: Why don't u come live with me?
Wind: Do I have any other choice?
regenboog Dash: Would u rather roam the streets being homeless?
Wind: Since u put it that way, I accept your offer, but don't boss me around like Twilight. u let me do whatever I want, and we'll get along just fine.
regenboog Dash: I have no problem with that. Let's go.
Wind: You're way too fucking optimistic. u know that? *Gets in regenboog Dash's car*

And so, Sean and regenboog Dash took Wind to the cloudhouse.

Eggman was getting two portals set up. One was in the sky, for the airplanes, and the other one was for the tanks.

Nazi: Everything is ready mien fuhrer.
Eggman: *Scowls at the Nazi* What did I just say?
Nazi: Sorry! Everything is ready doctor.
Eggman: Get those panzers rolling, and get the airplanes started. Bomb the shit out of everything!!
Nazis: *Starting their planes, and fly out of the base, heading towards the portal*
Wind: *Still in regenboog Dash's car* How far away is it? I'm bored.
regenboog Dash: Here. *Gives Wind her cell phone* Take this, I got a few apps u might enjoy.
Wind: *Looks at the phone* Let's see what Chrome does. *Goes on the internet* Twilight has my teleporter. What are we going to do about it?
regenboog Dash: If u want to teleport places, my boyfriend Sean can help u out. Just ask him when we get to my place.
Wind: *Looking at the phone* I typed in your name, and there's something that says rule 34. What is that?
regenboog Dash: *Snickers* u gotta find out for yourself.
Wind: *Looks at the rule 34 pics of regenboog Dash* OH FUCK NO!!! TAKE IT BACK!!! *Gives regenboog Dash her phone back*
regenboog Dash: *Laughing*
Wind: It's not funny. People are insulting you.
regenboog Dash: Ah, I don't care. They don't know what I look like in real life. *Sees a portal open in front of her* Oh shit!! *Swerves to the right*
Sean: What is that?
Nazis: *Arriving in tanks*
Sean: Eggman sent meer soldiers in tanks!! *Drives left* Dash, use your grenade launchers!
regenboog Dash: *Turns her car around, and shoots four grenades at a tank*

One tank explodes, and it blocks the portal.

Sean: Nice. There's only three left. Let's get out of here before they crush us. *Floors it*
regenboog Dash: *Follows Sean*
Wind: Where are we going?
regenboog Dash: Somewhere where they can't get a good view of us.
Sean: This should be good enough. *Stops his car*
regenboog Dash: *Turns her car around so the grenade launchers are facing the tanks*
Sean: *Launches a remote controlled missile* I'm going for the tank that's further away. u take out the other two.
regenboog Dash: I'm on it. *Launches four grenades*
Sean: *Hits the 3rd tank with his missile* Kill confirmed.
regenboog Dash: *Watches the 1st tank blow up* That seconde tank is stuck.

It couldn't go around. It was stuck between the first, and third tank.

Nazi: Damnt! How do I take out those bastards?
Sean: Allow me. *Launches another missile*
Nazi: *Sees the raket coming towards him* Ah!! *Dies*
Wind: ..........................I take back everything I said. That, was, AWESOME!! u guys have bad ezel weapons, that I wish we had back at Hyrule. All of our weapons are crap compared to what u two have!
regenboog Dash: Glad to hear that.
Sean: *Hearing airplanes* Sounds like Eggman got some bombers in here as well.
regenboog Dash: We better hurry to my place, and call Celestia. *Drives*
Sean: *Follows*

Twilight was at the castle, when Pinkie Pie and appeldrank, applejack arrived.

Pinkie Pie: *Bouncing excitedly* Guten tag Twilight.
Applejack: Pinkie, this ain't the time to be excited! We're being attacked door airplanes.
Twilight: Da fuq do u two niggas want?
Pinkie Pie: Zhere is a bunch of airplanes attacking us, und zhey are coming from a portal.
Applejack: We think it's Eggman again.
Twilight: Dat crazy bastard from the same world Sean came from?
Pinkie Pie: Jawohl.
Twilight: Then we need to destroy those things at once! Where da fuq are regenboog Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity?
Applejack: Fluttershy and Rarity were taken to the hospital.
Pinkie Pie: Zhey got hurt from a few of zhe bombs.
Applejack: And regenboog probably went to get Celestia.
Twilight: *Angry* Man, FUCK CELESTIA!! WE DON'T NEED HER!
Applejack: Twilight, she can help us-
Twilight: She changed my voice man! Now I sound like a fuckin' black guy!
Pinkie Pie: Do u know how Fluttershy feels?
Twilight: Man, we can take 'em down ourselves.

Master Sword stopped his car near regenboog Dash's cloudhouse.

Master Sword: *Runs until he is below the house* regenboog Dash!! Let me in!! Hey!!!!
Sean: *Looks down* Master Sword, what are u doing here?
Master Sword: Well, I saw these planes coming from a portal, but it closed, and these humans set up an airbase, and I thought they were part of Eggman's army, so I thought about you, but I couldn't find you, so I decided to see regenboog Dash, because I know u two datum each other, and I knew she would tell u this important information I have, but now that you're here, I can tell you. Now, please let me up.
Sean: Climb up the ladder to your right.
Master Sword: *Goes up the ladder*
regenboog Dash: *On the phone* Understood.. Right, thanks. *Hangs up*
Wind: Any luck with that call?
regenboog Dash: Celestia's in Fillydelphia, but when she returns, a guard will let her know.
Sean: Dash, look who came to see us.
Master Sword: Hello.
regenboog Dash: Hi. What's happening?
Master Sword: Those humans that were flying the planes from the portals set up an airbase.
Sean: Already? How the hell did they manage that?

At the airbase.

Nazis: *Watching over their airplanes. They have bombers, and fighters*
Metal Sonic: Sonic may not be here, but his cousin is better than nothing.
Eggman: *In Mobius* Although the tanks were not successful, our attacks from up above were. We already have an airbase set up thanks to Metal Sonic being very quick. He gathered up all the resources, and built the base in 45 seconds, a new record. Get meer portals set up so we can have meer tanks, trucks, and airplanes sent into Equestria. We must also get some howitzers inside.
Nazi: Yes Doctor. We will see to it at once. *Walks away*
Eggman: Sonic maybe difficult to catch, but his cousin will die once I give him my "present." *Laughs*

Sean and regenboog Dash entered Twilight's kasteel in Ponyville with Wind and Master Sword. Celestia was waiting.

appeldrank, applejack & Pinkie Pie: *Sitting with the others as Celestia starts to make a speech*
Celestia: This Eggman must be stopped immediately.
Pinkie Pie: Is he obsessed with eggs?
Sean: Uh, sort of. Let the princess continue.
Celestia: For the time being, his army is superior to ours, but we will quickly turn the tables, and make things go the way we want them to be. Sean, and regenboog Dash, I would like u two to go with Wind and Master Sword to sabotage as many of their vehicles as u can.
Wind: Sabotage is one of my favoriete things to do.
Celestia: Good. Pinkie Pie, I need u to go deliver your baked goods to the hospital for all of our patients.
Pinkie Pie: I love doing zhat! I'm German, so my baked goods are really really good!!
Sean: *Snickers* She's got a great personality.
Wind: I hate it.
Celestia: Applejack, I want u to help manufacture some weapons. u will meet with a stallion named George Tildon. He will be at the train station in 20 minutes. Do not be late.
Applejack: I won't let u down Princess. I'm going there now. *Goes*
Celestia: And Twilight, I got a good job for you.
Twilight: What is it?
Celestia: Stay here with Spike. Two of my royal guards will arrive to give u some blueprints of an airplane that will be designed. I want u to use your magic to make those planes.
Twilight: Man, why don't u do that?! I want to get in the action like Sean, regenboog Dash, Applejack, and the others. Why do I have to stay here and do something boring?!?
Celestia: It's not boring, and it's very important. Everyone, go do your jobs.

Everyone except Celestia and Twilight left.

Celestia: I expect u to obey my orders, otherwise I will take your wings away, and you'll never be a princess ever again. *Teleports out of the castle*
Twilight: *Goes into her room*
Spike: Twilight, what's wrong?
Twilight: Man, I think Celestia doesn't like me anymore.
Spike: That's ridiculous. She does care about you. Making those airplanes for us to stop Eggman's army is a very important job.
Twilight: But that ain't what I want! I want to fight against them! Not make stuff! If Celestia won't give me what I want, I will go against her!! *Teleports into Canterlot*
Spike: *Annoyed* Twilight, you're such an idiot.
Royal Guards: *In the castle, minding their own business*
Twilight: *Appears*
Guards: Princess Twilight, we were just going to see-
Twilight: *Uses magic to make a Thompson appear*
Guards: Twilight?
Twilight: *Shoots the Royal Guards*
Celestia: What was that?
Luna: Gunfire. We must go down there right now!
Twilight: *Shoots four meer Royal Guards, and takes cover behind a uithangbord while reloading*
Royal Guards: *Returning fire, but every bullet hits the wall*
Twilight: *Shoots them*

Song: link

Celestia & Luna: Twilight!! Stop this right now!!
Twilight: Fuck you!! I am part of Eggman's army now!!
Celestia & Luna: *Shoot magic beams from their horns*
Twilight: *Shoots a magic beam from her horn*

A big ball of light was now between the three alicorns.

Luna: We're going to beat her.
Twilight: *Makes the ball go towards them*
Celestia: I don't believe this!
Twilight: *Gets the ball closer, and uses her gun to shoot the two princesses*

They died from the ball exploding.

Royal Guards: *Arriving* Twilight. What have u done?
Twilight: *Kills them all with her gun*

Once that was done, Twilight flew away from the castle. She was going to talk to Eggman, and let him know she wanted to kom bij him.

Sean arrived at the airbase with regenboog Dash, Master Sword, and Wind.

Wind: So, how did u get the name Master Sword?
Master Sword: Because I'm good with a sword.
Wind: Well, all I can say is you're lucky not to be good at fishing.
Master Sword: Why?
Wind: Because then you'd be called Master Bait.
Master Sword: *Angry* u have no idea how many times ponies have told me that.
Sean: Enough. We need to focus on our job. Binoculars.
regenboog Dash: *Gives Sean the binoculars*
Sean: *Looks at the airbase* Son of a bitch. There's three hundred of them, and they have 200 planes on that base. 50 bombers, and 150 fighters.
Wind: Maybe I should call u Master Bait.
Master Sword: No! That makes me go...
regenboog Dash: Oh please don't-
Master Sword:....On....
Sean: *Shakes his head* He's gonna do it.
Master Sword:.....A......
Sean: Way to go Wind.
Wind: What did I do?!
Nazis: *Looking at them*
Master Sword: *Gets rid of his flames*

Fortunately, they were too far away to be spotted.

regenboog Dash: Phew.
Sean: *Lets out a sigh of relief, then looks at Wind* u could have gegeven away our position.
Wind: hallo sorry man. Has your friend ever heard of anger management?
Master Sword: Have u ever heard of shutting the fuck up?
Sean: Have u ever heard of completing a mission? Let's stop arguing, and get the sabotage over with.

The four of them quietly got to the airbase.

Sean: *Opens his backpack*
regenboog Dash: u got the explosives?
Sean: Yes. *Looks at a hangar with fuel, and oil. One of the bombers are also inside* u three cover me while I put one of the time bombs inside. *Runs into the hangar*
Wind: Question. Why don't we just get a huge bomb, and destroy this place in less than 45 seconds?
regenboog Dash: We don't have enough resources to make a bomb that big.
Sean: *Returns* Okay, I'm back. The timer is set to 5 minutes. Let's put some bombs in the rest of the hangars, and get out of here.
Master Sword: I thought we were sabotaging the planes.
Sean: Trust me, when my bombs go off, they will be sabotaged.
Wind: I'm just surprised no one spotted us yet.
Sean: Good, let's keep it that way.

There were three meer hangars that Sean had to put the bombs in. door the time that was done, they were leaving the base.

Metal Sonic: Intruders alert!
Sean: Get out of here!
regenboog Dash: We're not leaving you-
Sean: I zei get out!! *Gets his machine gun*
Wind: Let's do what he says, I'm not staying here. I want to watch some anime! *Runs away*
Master Sword: *Runs away with regenboog Dash*
Sean: *Shoots Metal Sonic 50 times*
Metal Sonic: Doctor Eggman has gegeven me bullet proof armor. u can't defeat me with guns.
Sean: Well then. *Puts his gun down* I'll have to defeat u another way.
Metal Sonic: *Flies towards Sean*
Sean: *Grabs him, and throws him into a boulder*
Metal Sonic: *Gets up* You're good, but I'm better.
Sean: *Punches Metal Sonic as he flies towards him*
Metal Sonic: *His head spins clockwise several times as he stands in front of Sean* u don't know when to quit.
Sean: Nope.
Metal Sonic: *Shoots a raket from his hand*
Sean: *Jumps over the missile*
Metal Sonic: *Shoots another missile*
Sean: *Spin dashes the raket in half, and hits Metal Sonic*
Metal Sonic: Doctor Eggman is sending thousands of Nazis in planes and tanks to destroy you, and everyone in this world that interferes. u can prevent that from happening if u surrender, and no one has to be hurt.
Sean: Eggman doesn't know what he's facing. *Punches Metal Sonic twice, then kicks him*
Metal Sonic: Twenty five percent health remaining. I must defeat this grey hedgehog for the doctor. *Shoots six missiles*
Sean: *Runs away, and dodges them. He finds a big stone, and grabs it*
Metal Sonic: I will send Sonic my condolences when I kill you.
Sean: *Throws the stone*
Metal Sonic: *Gets hit between the eyes, and falls down*
Sean: *Goes to machine gun, and gets it*
Nazis: *Running from the airbase*
Sean: *Checks his watch* 3. 2. 1.

The hangars exploded at the same time, and destroyed nearly every airplane. The planes that weren't destroyed took severe damage from the debris.

Sean: *Runs away* Catch me if u can u Krauts.
Metal Sonic: *On the ground, but his eyes start to glow again*

Eggman arrived just in time to see his airbase destroyed.

Eggman: I want the son of a teef responsible for this!!
Nazi: He's probably gone door now Doctor.
Twilight: *Arriving*
Nazi: Sir, *Points a gun at her* It's one of them!
Eggman: Stand down, she's not attacking us. We won't attack her.
Twilight: *Lands in front of Eggman* Man, I wanna kom bij u guys.
Eggman: Why?
Twilight: Because Celestia's an asshole! That's why I killed her and Luna, along with hundreds of her guards!
Eggman: u did, eh? Well then, welcome to my army.
Nazi: Doctor, have u lost your mind?
Eggman: Yes, I lost my mind when I was 3. Never found it since. Why do u think I'm a crazy man trying to destroy all of humanity, and replace them with machines?
Nazi: Well, I don't think it's wise to let this cute horse joi-
Twilight: *Chokes the Nazi with her magic* I find that word to be insulting.
Nazi: *Continues to choke*
Eggman: Twilight, release him.
Twilight: As u wish. *Lets him go*
Nazi: *Falls down while breathing*
Eggman: Do u still think it's not wise to have her on our side?
Nazi: ....
Twilight: I can also do this. *Uses her magic to fix the airbase, and all of the planes*
Eggman: Haha! Excellent!! We have the entire airbase operating again! Now, where should we attack next?
Twilight: Man, how about the Crystal Empire?
Eggman: *Nods* toon me how to get there.

In Canterlot.

Sean: *Looking at the aftermath from Twilight's battle*
regenboog Dash: There's a lot of dead guards.
Sean: Eggman must have had some of his soldiers do this while we were concentrating on their air base.
regenboog Dash: *Sees Celestia, and Luna, and gasps*
Sean: *Sees Celestia, and Luna too* They're dead.
regenboog Dash: *A tear comes out of her left eye*
Sean: I don't believe this, he actually killed them.
regenboog Dash: *Cries, and hugs Sean*
Sean: *Hugging regenboog Dash* Let's get out of here. Wind and Master Sword are waiting for us. We gotta get ready for our volgende mission.
regenboog Dash: I'm gonna get that bastard for having Celestia, and Luna killed.

Everyone in the pony Alliance was ready to fight Eggman's army.

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Sean: Eggman's army might have taken Ponyville, but we will get it back. We have a lot of airplanes, and skilled pilots here. Let's toon them what we got.

55 Thunderbolts, and 41 Mustangs were taking flight out of Canterlot.

Eggman: Get those planes into the air!!
Nazis: *Flying their planes*
Dispatch Pony: How's everything up in the sky?
pony Alliance Pilot 3: No contact so far, wait a minute, I see something.
Sean: It's the Germans, and they got bombers. Hit them.
pony Pilots: *Shooting the Germans*
Wind & Master Sword: *Shooting the soldiers on the airbase*
regenboog Dash: Those bombers are heading away from us.
Sean: They could be trying to hit Canterlot, stop them.
Germans: *Passing Canterlot*
pony Alliance Soldiers: *Shooting anti aircraft guns*
Germans: *Pass Canterlot, without dropping any bombs*
pony Alliance Soldier: They didn't attack.
Dispatch Pony: What direction are they heading?
pony Alliance Soldier: It looks like they're heading for the Crystal Empire.
pony Pilots: *Shooting down two fighters, and a bomber*
Sean: Nice one.
Eggman: *Angry* Metal Sonic, Twilight, there's a special plane I have made for myself, but it also fits two people. Care to kom bij me?
Metal Sonic: With pleasure.
Dispatch Pony: Attention all pilots, we believe the Krauts are heading for The Crystal Empire, we need to stop them before they reach their destination.
Sean: I copy, we're heading after those bombers now.
Wind: There's too many Nazis out here, we need to lose them before we go after those bombers.
Sean: I have a plan. All pilots, follow me.

They flew back to Canterlot.

Nazis: *Following Sean, and his team as they return fire*
Sean: Hang in there, we're almost there.
pony Alliance Soldiers: *Hiding the anti aircraft guns with tarps, but they quickly pull them off, and shoot at the Nazis*
Nazi Pilots: *Turning around. Half of them are getting shot*
Wind: *Laughs*
Master Sword: Good thinking.
Sean: Now, on to the bombers. The other enemy pilots won't be following us anymore.

The bombers were in front of them. 70 planes were flying towards the bombers.

Nazi 19: Enemy pilots, behind us.
Nazi 359: Get the machine guns set up.
Nazis: *Get machine guns ready to attack their enemy*

Stop the song

Eggman: *Seeing his planes return from battle*
Nazis: *Land their planes*
Eggman: What is the meaning of this?!? u have a bunch of airplanes to take down!
Nazis: Anti aircraft fire. We're not going back out there.
Eggman: u are cowards! Luckily, Twilight Sparkle, and Metal Sonic are going with me to take them down. Are u coming with us, of not?
Nazi 46: What about the anti aircraft guns?
Eggman: Go around them!
Nazis: Oh. We didn't think of that.
Eggman: Now let's go!

Eggman's plane was just like any ordinary fighter, but his had a 50 caliber machine gun on each side. The left one was controlled door Twilight, and the right one was controller door Metal Sonic.

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Nazis: *Firing at Sean, and his teammates with 50 caliber machine guns*
Pony: *Gets hit, and crashes into an enemy bomber*
Sean: Only 47 left. *Shoots the back of one of the bombers until smoke starts to appear*
Nazi 34: *Losing altitude, and crashes into the ground. The plane continues to move, until it goes into a lake*
Wind: *Shoots down two bombers*
Nazis: We're dropping like flies! Where are you?
Eggman: Calm down, and continue to your destination. I will be there soon.
Metal Sonic: I will teach that grey hedgehog who he's messing with.
Twilight: And I'm gonna get revenge on my former friends. Friendship ain't magic anymore nigga!!!!!!!!
Metal Sonic: Seriously. Why did u let her kom bij us again?
Eggman: She's much meer powerful than you, despite her constant annoying rants. Get your machine guns ready, I'm going to start shooting down the enemies. *Shoots down Master Sword, and two meer ponies*
Master Sword: *Going down with the other two ponies*

Stop the song

regenboog Dash: Master Sword, u three okay?
Master Sword: Only one of us died, and I'm just glad it's not me.
Eggman: We will keep shooting down the enemy pilots until we find Sean. He is our top, boven priority.
Metal Sonic: Yes doctor.
Sean: *Passing under the bombers, goes up, and turns around once he gets over them, and shoots at all of them as they pass under him*
Nazi: How the hell is he doing that?!
Eggman: I see him, above our bombers.
Twilight: *Aims his machine gun, and fires at Sean*
Sean: *Takes a few hits, and looks to his right* Eggman. *Turns around, and follows Eggman*
Twilight: Yo! We're being followed!!
Eggman: Then shoot him!
Metal Sonic: We're trying to aim at him, but our guns aren't going far enough!
Sean: *Shoots Eggman's plane*
Eggman: *Turns right*
Sean: *Follows*
Metal Sonic: Almost there.
Sean: *Fires meer bullets*

They were now flying in circles.

Sean: hallo Dash, give me a hand with Eggman.
regenboog Dash: On my way. *Turns around, and flies towards the battle*
Metal Sonic: *Fires the 50 caliber machine gun* He's still too far to the right!
Twilight: I can't even see him!!
Eggman: *Sees several bullets hit the window of the cockpit* Where did those come from? *Looks left, and sees regenboog Dash* Another enemy, 9' O Clock.
Twilight: *Spots regenboog Dash, and shoots at her*
regenboog Dash: I'm taking heavy damage. *Goes down under the plane*
Sean: Stay behind me.
regenboog Dash: *Gets behind Sean*
Sean: *Continues to brand meer bullets* I'm going to run out of ammo soon. How much do u have?
regenboog Dash: Plenty to shoot down this son of a bitch.
Sean: How about it? *Turns to the right to get meer ammo for his plane*
regenboog Dash: *Fires meer bullets at Eggman* He must have thick armor of something, because he's taken a lot of damage, and isn't going down yet. *Goes up to gain altitude, then goes down, and fires bullets at the cockpit*
Eggman: *Nearly getting shot, but tilts the plane clockwise*
Metal Sonic: *Shoots regenboog Dash's plane*
regenboog Dash: Ah! *Sees smoke coming from her plane* I'm going down!!
Sean: *Looks at regenboog Dash* That asshole's gonna pay when I get him.
Eggman: *Following Sean*
Sean: I gotta lose him. *Goes up towards the clouds*
Eggman: You're not gonna get any cover from up there. *Shoots Sean's plane*
Sean: *His plane stops working* Shit, I almost made it. *Gets his parachute, jumps out, and lands on the wing of Eggman's plane* This isn't what I had in mind.

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Eggman: *Starts to go down*
Sean: *Holding on*
Twilight: *Shoots off Sean's parachute*
Sean: *Goes towards Twilight, and grabs the gun*
Twilight: *About to brand meer bullets*
Sean: *Takes the gun out of her grasp*
Twilight: Yo, let me have your gun!
Metal Sonic: Why?
Twilight: Man, it's a fuckin' emergency!!
Sean: *Shoots Twilight, and Metal Sonic*
Eggman: *Flying towards the pony Alliance as they continue to fight his bombers* I only have fifteen left. Let me help them finish off those pesky ponies.
Sean: *The plane is going too fast for him, and he falls off, landing on a tree* I'm not finished yet. *Shoots Eggman's plane with the gun he took from Twilight*
Eggman: *Losing altitude in his plane* My engines have failed! I'll make that grey hedgehog regret this, one way of another!!

Stop the song

Sean: *Climbs down the tree*
regenboog Dash: *Flies towards Sean* Hey.
Sean: You're okay.
regenboog Dash: I heard on the radio that we took down all of those bombers.
Sean: I think I may have defeated Eggman. I don't know yet. I shot his plane a bunch of times with this machine gun, and I saw him lose altitude.
regenboog Dash: *Hugs Sean, and kisses him*
Sean: And you're raising my altitude. *Kisses her*

As they continued to kiss, Wind and the other pilots of the pony Alliance flew over them.

The End

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