Women's Shoes To Be No.one

wlevana posted on Oct 10, 2015 at 10:50AM
“Do you know the secret of the champion Patrick Makau’s success in full marathon competition”? I asked.
“Oh, come on. It is just a matter of persistence and perseverance, you can be the No.one if you want”. My friend Steven said.
Is that so?...
No! There is no building without solid foundation, the same as the long long long running. And a pair of comfortable and suitable shoes is your must haves. Here I would like to give you some tips.
1.Choose one for your own style to cheer you up before running, or you can custom one from Artsadd printed with your favorite images.
2.High-grade canvas shoes is the best partner for your persistence and perseverance. Your feet would be excited for your wise choice and beg for running father and faster.
3.Round toe shoes are more advisable on the road to success. Your toes adjust themselves for the last-long running effect.
A sharp sword to a soldier is what a pair of Be the good quality shoes to a runner. Therefore, to be No.one or not, it is up to you.

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I came to Kanpur after spending two days there. I thought of paying a visit to my younger brother who is in final year.
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