World of Warcraft Deathknights: should they be nerfed?

mirafangs posted on Jan 04, 2009 at 03:50AM
I've been noticing that people have very mixed views on this. Some think that they're way too overpowered and need to be heavily nerfed, but i think that's mainly just jealous warlocks and rogues who's opponents now have a chance at victory.
others think they should stay just as they are, since they are a hero class. What do you guys think?

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een jaar geleden JKMcD said…
I'm neither a lock or a rogue, but a mage, and yes they need to be nerfed a little. Yes they are the first hero class but I do think they are alittle over powered. On my DK I was able to take an elite when I was lvl 60 and the elite was a 59, something that'd never happen on my mage or my pally.
But when the next hero class comes out it'll be the same whining from everyone too.
een jaar geleden DeadlyRose said…
I say Leave them as is, there is no point in building up a class to be so amazing, then taking it away because a few people actually have to try a little harder in pvp. It was the same with the pally's when they first came out, everyone complained because shammy's ect went to second fiddle.

The point of the DK's is that they're supposed to be stronger, and better!