World of Warcraft What server do u play on?

JKMcD posted on Nov 28, 2007 at 05:39PM
For my horde toons I'm on Twisting Nether. I have a couple ally toons but I forget the server...Blackhand I think >.<

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een jaar geleden Zerstoren said…
I play on these servers:
Farstrider (63 Troll Hunter)
Argent Dawn (70 Troll Hunter/ 43 Blood Elf Hunter/43 Orc Warrior)
Ravenholdt (31 Troll Priest)
Frostwolf (33 Blood Elf Warlock)
Illidan (22 Draenei Hunter)

Yes i like hunters.. and trolls.. <.<
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een jaar geleden Temptasia said…
Same as you JKMcD!
een jaar geleden thatonegirl said…
Duskwood - 35 Draenei Hunter
een jaar geleden Okami_Amaterasu said…
Emeriss, got quite a few characters on that.
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een jaar geleden elvenstar70 said…
big smile
I have 10 toons on Ravenholdt all Alliance.I have 7 or 8 on Ravencrest that are Horde I usually don't play as much on that one highest toon is 12 Rogue Troll.But I have two 80's on Ravenholdt Pally and Druid and My Hunter is 78.
een jaar geleden HarperIslandFan said…
I play on Baelgun and I have an 80 warrior, 80 DK, and 80 warlock. =)
een jaar geleden TDIlover4ever said…
Blade's Edge :]

Horde Main: Lvl. 31 Priest (Blood Elf)

Alli Main: Lvl. 21 Warlock (Human)

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een jaar geleden Splatterball said…
big smile
Alleria. ._.

Horde main: Lvl 60 DK (Blood elf)
een jaar geleden wolfmaster3000 said…
Kirin'tor-Level 62 Tauren Druid, 80-dwarf hunter, 70 blood elf paladin
een jaar geleden Horizons said…
een jaar geleden flaming-wave666 said…
First I was on SangReal now I'm on Frostwolf (US server)! :D
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een jaar geleden dyoxide said…
Sen'jin and Illidan, Horde.
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een jaar geleden XxEmolovexX said…
I play on Drak'Tharon.

Currently these are my 85s:

Ladelene- 85 hunts mm/bm

Deathshandx- 85 dk blood pvp/blood pve

Painkillerx - 85 priest disc/shadow

dotty- 85 lock demo/destro
een jaar geleden DMLIME said…
Shadowsong-85 undead DK, 39 blood-elf paladin.
een jaar geleden Catemarsh27 said…
I used to play on Suramar, thats where my level 85's are, I currently play on Norgannon as Feisti