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Please! I need Feedback!!!

Please check out my story! It's becoming close to done, and I need some feed back on it. Idk if the link will let u go to it, but I hope u guys can get to my Wattpad and read my story!
 Firewriter posted een jaar geleden
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Phoenixi said:
hallo :)

I got in quite easily and thoroughly enjoyed the bit that I read. Very interesting and different - it would make a great movie!

u write very descriptively and that's great - one can picture everything in your mind's eye. The story also flows quite nicely apart from perhaps these: Introduction of the new characters is a little vague, and perhaps u could describe the bunker/dorm in meer detail too just to guide the reader into the new environment. u could perhaps also do the same with the area that all were in at the beginning of the story?

A bit of proofreading needs to be done for typos and grammar, but nothing serious. Won't need deepline-editing - just some normal proofreading and editing.

I didn't get to see the end as I'd have to sign up for something and I'm not too keen on doing things like that! :) But - it's really great and u should finish it. Definitely!

u are a very talented writer. And my opinion is an expert opinion. :) I was a journalist and editor of 3 newspapers in my country, and am also a full time writer, writing for the global market. I live in South Africa.

Please don't stop writing! The story line is fresh and I'm keen to know what happens volgende and how it ends. :) You're 16? Brilliant work for a 16 jaar old. Don't stop writing. Ever.
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posted een jaar geleden 
Firewriter posted een jaar geleden
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