Eden Brolin enacts an 18-year-old cruddy, somewhat unbalanced pixie, who along with her friends, turns out to be the target of a sorcerers’ cult. She doesn’t seem whom u would call a strong woman and its refreshing we get this in horror movies. She seems volgende door normal unruly girl. Her character has no outstanding characteristic, the artist somehow gives her depth. We see it in her eyes and body language.
Blood Bound plot. No it is not cute, it’s not simple; it’s pessimist and frightful. The story is suggestive of Rosemary’s Baby, which does not seem accidental.
It is 2019, and we’re still exploring age-old subjects like Wicca, human sacrifice and sects. Somehow, those subgenres stand the test of time. Horror stories built around pregnancy never get old either, for obvious reasons. As saturated as these themes may be, in horror cinema these days, Blood Bound manages to impress and surprise. It’s its own thing.